Submission for The Leadership Quarterly Special issue on Evolution and Biology of Leadership Opens


Monday, January 1, 2018

Event Description

Call for papers - The Leadership Quarterly Special Issue on Evolution and Biology of Leadership: A New Synthesis

Guest Editors:
- Mark van Vugt - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
- Chris von Rueden - Jepson School of Leadership Studies, University of Richmond

Leadership is one of the most important research themes in social sciences, permeating all scales of human cooperation, from intra-household decision-making to the management of complex organizations and states. Leadership is also a growing area of interest in the evolutionary and biological sciences, which are providing new insights into the emergence and dynamics of leader-follower relationships in human and non-human socities (Couzin et al., 2005; King et al., 2009; Smith et al., 2016). Greater integration of theory and method across the social and biological sciences can be helpful to inform future theory, research, and best leadership practice, which is a core aim of The Leadership Quarterly too (Antonakis, 2017).

Submission Process:

Authors should submit their manuscripts form January 1st, 2018, but no later than the submission deadline of April 1st, 2018 online via The Leadership Quarterly's EVISE submission system at

To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for consideration for this Special Issue, it is important that authors select "SI:Evolution" when they reach the "Article Type" step in the submission process. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with The Leadership Quarterly's Guide for Authors available on the journal web page ( All submitted manuscripts will be subject to The Leadership Quarterly's double blind review process.

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