Call for Chapter Proposals - The Study and Practice of Global Leadership


When:  Apr 19, 2019

Event Description

The International Leadership Association (ILA) invites you to submit a chapter proposal for possible inclusion in the volume, entitled The Study and Practice of Global Leadership, to be edited by Gama Perruci and published in 2020 by Emerald Group Publishing as part of a suite of three books within the Building Leadership Bridges (BLB) series focused on Global Leadership. The series is intended to capture the best contemporary thinking about leadership from a diverse range of scholars, practitioners, and educators working in the field of leadership. 

Since the turn of the new millennium, leadership educators and scholars have paid considerable attention to the global context of the leader-follower relationship. Practitioners also see an urgent need for greater clarity in our understanding of how leadership works under globalization. This BLB book will provide educators, scholars, and practitioners with the latest concepts and resources as we seek to make sense of the tremendous impact that globalization is having on the future of leadership in an increasingly interdependent world. The book will explore the connection between globalization and the field of leadership. It will be divided into three parts: (1) The Connection between Leadership and the Global Context; (2) The Impact of Globalization on the Study of Leadership; and (3) The Impact of Globalization on the Practice of Leadership. 

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