ILA Board of Directors Seeking New Members

by Katherine Tyler Scott & Cheryl Getz

Katherine Tyler ScottKatherine Tyler Scott serves as ILA’s Board Chair and is Managing Partner at Ki ThoughtBridge. Before beginning her tenure at KI ThoughtBridge, Katherine founded and served as President of Trustee Leadership Development, Inc., a resource center for governance leaders and not-for-profit organizations. Katherine is a founding member of the Indianapolis chapter of the Coalition of 100 Black Women and is the author of Creating Caring and Capable Boards: Reclaiming the Passion for Active Trusteeship and The Inner Work of the Leader: Discovering the Leader Within.

Cheryl GetzCheryl Getz serves as the chair of ILA’s Board Development Committee. Prior to that she was the Chair of ILA's annual global conference in San Diego in 2014. She is an associate professor in the Department of Leadership Studies at the University of San Diego's School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES). She has held a variety of administration positions in SOLES, including Associate Dean, Director of Graduate and Credential Programs, and Assistant Dean.

The International Leadership Association Board is a governing body composed of accomplished scholars, researchers, and practitioners who are responsible for ensuring that the organization’s mission is responsibly and capably carried out. The board is committed to responsible oversight and partnership with ILA staff to achieve the vision and mission of “promoting a deeper understanding of leadership knowledge and practice for the greater good of individuals and communities worldwide.” The board is responsible for the financial health and sustainability of ILA and it takes seriously the need to ensure the alignment of the core values with our policy-making and decision-making functions. Selection of new governance leaders is essential to future accomplishments; which makes the decision to seek a position on the Board a very important one.

The decision to serve starts with individual inquiry and discernment about capacity, interest, and commitment. Am I willing to make ILA a high priority? Will I attend every Board and committee meeting? Support the programs and annual conference? Can I contribute financially every year to the organization? Am I committed to give honest, open advice and feedback? Do I understand that I am helping to create a culture of trusteeship of ILA in which a loyalty to the mission and a duty of care are key to its trust, integrity, and reputation? Do I have the ability to connect ILA to resources that will help ILA continue to improve? Will I learn about the history and character of ILA and do all I can to help it become more innovative, global in reach, and diverse in membership? Do I value diversity and respect differences? Your answers to these questions will help you decide whether you are called to service on the board at this time in your career. If these questions sound serious that is because the role of an ILA Board member is serious. How the board works together for the greater good of ILA now will have significant future impact. If there is one variable that tells us whether an organization will be successful in the long term when it, like ILA, has an excellent staff—it is an excellent governing board!

This is a three-year, unpaid, volunteer commitment. This term begins January 1, 2018 and ends December 31, 2020. Board members cover their own membership, meeting, conference, and retreat-related expenses – or have an agreement with their organization for financial support. It is a tradition that each Board member also makes an annual financial contribution to the ILA.

If, after giving considerable thought to this opportunity, you believe the time is right for you to make this commitment, please review the Board Interest Packet, ensure that you generally meet or exceed the qualifications, complete the interest form, and submit it by 14 June to swilsey@ila-net.org. If you know of another qualified colleague, please encourage them to consider this important governance role.

After the submission deadline, the Board Development Committee will review and evaluate candidates based on the criteria approved by the Board of Directors, which is included in this packet. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in July. The Committee will then submit nominations to the ILA Board in September for consideration. New Board member orientation will be held in Brussels during the annual global conference.

Thank you for your interest and continued participation in ILA. We appreciate your willingness to consider this important governance position.