Kathryn Bingham


Dr. Kathryn Bingham serves as Chief Essentialist Officer and Executive Coach at LEADistics, equipping business leaders and organizations with the latest in applied leadership science to address the realities of complexity and change.

Her expertise involves building relationships of trust, comprehensive assessment of the needs of individuals, teams and organizations, and delivering effective, relevant solutions. Through executive coaching and group events, Dr. Bingham enables leaders to align purpose, navigate personal and organizational change, increase effectiveness and influence, and execute authentically.

Dr. Bingham is zealously committed to supporting highly talented, highly motivated executives, entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve focus, increase leadership impact and align their unique capacity toward meaningful objectives. Through her executive coaching practice, she helps leaders address pressures of over commitment, saturation or feeling fractured; frustrations of discovering themselves working the job rather than loving the work; and not seeing expected results in their organizations, start ups, projects or careers.

Dr. Bingham served in executive roles in business and nonprofit settings, leading both large and geographically dispersed teams. With a background in finance, audit, operations, Six Sigma, learning and leadership development, her expertise spans multiple functions across the domains of government, business, higher education and nonprofit sectors. She led strategy development, organizational change and business turn-around efforts, and has provided recognized thought leadership in the areas of corporate leadership development and talent management. Dr. Bingham’s work in this area has been featured as best practice in Corporate Executive Board case studies and she has presented at multiple conferences including International Leadership Association, MISTI’s Super Strategies, Institute of Internal Auditors, and the upcoming Academy of Management.

Bingham completed her Executive MBA at Pepperdine University and her PhD in Leadership at the University of San Diego. Her ongoing research focuses on transformative experiences in the leadership development journey of business professionals.

Leadership Interests

  • leadership, leadership development, executive coaching, leader assimilation, transformative experience, organizational change, organizational effectiveness


University of San Diego, School of Leadership and Education Sciences
PhD, Leadership Studies, 2015
Dissertation: Transformative Leadership Experience Within An Executive MBA

Pepperdine University, Graziadio School of Business and Management
EMBA, 2005