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ILA Interface - The Newsletter of the International Leadership Association
26 October 2017
Photo of Ambassador Amina C. Mohamed, Keynote for ILA Pretoria
Keynote for ILA Pretoria

The ILA is pleased to announce that Ambassador Amina C. Mohamed, Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Trade of the Republic of Kenya, will keynote Next Generation Leadership, an ILA regional conference in partnership with the Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership at the University of Pretoria. The conference will take place 30-31 May 2018 at the University of Pretoria. Interested in presenting? Read the complete Call to Action and submit your proposal by 31 October.
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Photo of Catherine Etmanski
Food Leadership

What is food leadership? How are food activists, scholars, students, and practitioners already demonstrating, debating, and documenting leadership and learning in the context of global food systems transformation? Learn more in this fascinating article by Catherine Etmanski, which includes a free preview of her book Food Leadership.
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Book Cover: Women, Religion, and Leadership: Female Saints as Unexpected Leaders
Female Saints as Unexpected Leaders

Women who played significant roles within their religious contexts have historically been remade in the image of “saints” rather than leaders, sanctified for their piety, devotion, or martyrdom in place of the leadership actions they took for their peers, their communities, their cultures, and their peoples. Barbara Denison discusses her new book Women, Religion, and Leadership: Female Saints as Unexpected Leaders and asks: What happens if we consider the title "saint" as a metaphor for "leader" in these contexts?
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Cynthia Cherrey delivers her opening remarks at ILA Brussels
Brussels Wrap-Up

Cynthia Cherrey shares her opening remarks, "Leadership in a Turbulent and Globalizing World" from ILA's 19th global conference in Brussels earlier this month. More materials are available by searching the online conference module for handouts, papers, and powerpoints uploaded by presenters (please note that not all presenters upload material). Photos and plenary videos are available by visiting our conference highlights page.
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Deadline 31 October- Submit Your Proposal for ILA Pretoria
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