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10 December 2020
Rainbow Paint
2020 Leaning Into 2021

2020 was filled with unimaginable disruptions and loss for many people. But in the midst of those clouds, the ILA held tight to its mission and sought to create rainbows, in the words of poet Maya Angelou. We created new resources, hosted our largest every global conference, and launched new projects aimed at advancing leadership knowledge and practice for a better world. Learn more about these initiatives in the article below.
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Matt Qvortrup
ILA's Latest Podcast

In this podcast, ILA Fellow Maureen Metcalf interviews #ILA2020Global plenary speaker, Matt Qvortrup on, "Democracy - Are We a Brittle Twig or Supple Bamboo?" Matt is a professor of political science at Coventry University. He has published more than a dozen books on democracy and presented the BBC Program, "How to Kill a Democracy."
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Marvelous & Kind Kloey Learn About Leadership
Marvelous and Kind Kloey

In this article, Kathy Guthrie shares the inspiration for her kids' series, Marvelous and Kind Kloey and how she moved from idea to published book. In the latest installment, Kloey and her friends learn about leadership. As Kathy shares, the book is not just for the children in your life, but also for you! The book has even been used in undergraduate and graduate level leadership classes.
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Jill Strachan
Consensus Leadership in the Arts

In this Grassroots Leadership and the Arts for Social Change Corner, Jill Strachan shares reflections on both the strengths and the challenges of the group-centered, consensus leadership model employed by The Lesbian and Gay Chorus of Washington, DC, where she was general manager, and the Capital Hill Arts Workshop, where she served as Executive Director. Corner editor Susan J. Erenrich pens the introduction.
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Pencil Saying 'Love to Learn'
Leadership and...

PAUSE editors Lisa Endersby and Dan Jenkins talk about what this year's theme, "Leadership and..." revealed about leadership pedagogy and the truly interdisciplinary field of leadership. The pair are currently seeking articles for their 2021 theme, "Transforming Leadership Education for Virtual Spaces." View the complete call for articles at the end of their reflection.
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Barry Johnson

Individual Freedom & The Common Good

Barry Johnson, author of And: Making a Difference by Leveraging Polarity, Paradox, or Dilemma discusses the polarized response to COVID-19 seen in the U.S. and elsewhere. The assumption that we must choose between Individual Freedom "Or" the Common Good feeds our polarization. These two powerful values are both essential. How can we come together over these values?
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