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14 January 2021
Screen Shot of New ILA Website: TheILA.org
TheILA.org Launches!

Drop what you're doing and race over to TheILA.org, ILA's new and improved website! In this Phase 1 launch, you'll find a fresh, more mobile-friendly design, and easier access to searchable resources. Be sure to change your bookmarks and any links from ILA-Net.org to TheILA.org. Phase 2 will go live in about a month with some additional design enhancements. We'll also migrate over more resources at that time. While the migration continues, ILA members can continue to access all of ILA's trusted resources through ILA Intersections (Intersections.ILAMembers.Org).
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The World is Watching
A Global Mirror on #Jan6

ILA CEO and President Cynthia Cherrey writes, "The tragic event of 6 January 2021 that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol reverberated around the world. As a global association focused on the study, teaching, and practice of leadership throughout the world, it is important for us to read and hear what leaders everywhere are thinking and saying about it." Follow the link to the article to see a snapshot of what political leaders around the globe have said.
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American Flag with Fractures
Democracy Is Being Undermined by Stealth

Democracy expert Matt Qvortrup provides insightful analysis into recent events: “What we saw in Washington, D.C. on the 6th of January was a Putsch egged on by a Demagogue. That is not opinion. It is not hyperbole. It is a strict fact.” Qvortrup goes on to discuss democracy's "Death by a Thousand Cuts" and provides historical context for how democracies die.
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Photo of US Capitol with dark clouds
Permission to Riot

Leadership guru and ILA Lifetime Achievement award winner Keith Grint places the events of 6 January in the USA within the historical framework of les enfants perdus. With democracy at stake, can U.S. Republicans become the "heroes of retreat"?
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Media Partner
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We Are the leaders We've Been Waiting for: Women and Leadership Development in College
We Are the Leaders

How can colleges and universities best prepare women for the demands of modern leadership? In this article, ILA member Julie Owen shares seven key strategies based on her book, We Are the leaders We've Been Waiting for: Women and Leadership Development in College, which just received the 2021 Ruth Strang Research Award.
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Photo of a Guitar
Grassroots Leader Pete Seeger

Magpie visits corner editor Susan J. Erenrich at her studio to discuss legendary singer-songwriter-folklorist-activist Pete Seeger. Magpie had a long-term personal and musical relationship with Seeger. Learn more about Seeger's environmental leadership and more in this Grassroots Leadership and the Arts for Social Change Corner with an introduction by Erenrich. In addition to the transcription of their interview, readers are invited to listen to the interview via the link to the show.
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Photo of butterfly on a globe
Peace Leadership & Cultural Diversity

"The combination of globalization and changing world demographics is producing conflicts worldwide. Leadership models and skills that can be applied toward achieving peace within and between nations are urgently needed." Antonio Jimenez-Luque and Joseph Trimble's delve into "Peace Leadership and Cultural Diversity: Considerations for Our Common Future" for ILA's Global & Culturally Diverse Leadership in the 21st Century column.
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ILA's 23rd annual conference, Reimagining Leadership Together.
Start Preparing Your Proposals!

The call for proposals for ILA's 23rd annual conference will be opening on 28 January! Start gathering your materials and colleagues and be ready to submit when the doors open. The theme for this year is Reimagining Leadership Together. Read more about the theme, our fantastic conference co-chairs, and program chair. We are currently planning for a hybrid conference but are prepared to go fully virtual as needed. The in-person part of the conference is scheduled to take place 20-23 October in Geneva, Switzerland.
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