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29 July 2021

Gama Perruci
In Memoriam

ILA member Robert M. McManus remembers ILA emeritus board member Gamaliel “Gama” Perruci who passed away earlier this month.
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cover of A Celebration of Followership
A Celebration of Followership

Ira Chaleff asks: What were those who research and write on leadership thinking about a quarter century ago? How was it similar or different to what you are thinking about now? Chaleff shares his insights into these and other questions in A Celebration of Followership: The Story in Documents of The Courageous Follower and the Followership Community.
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Photo of an open book with light shining out
The Power of Story

What is the significance of stories on our development as human beings and as leaders? ILA Fellow Katherine Tyler Scott explores this provocative question in her latest ILA blog.
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Photo of Giraffe with absurdly long neck
Does Size Matter for Leadership?

ILA Fellow Keith Grint ranges from Shakespeare’s Henry V to tweets from Donald Trump to expose the invisible privilege associated with being tall and the assumption that has long prevailed in human society that greater height correlates with attributions of leadership, particularly among men.
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Who are these leaders?

Meet ILA's 2021 first announced plenary speakers! Last year's plenaries were the most memorable moments of the conference for many attendees. See what this year has in store! Visit ILAGlobalConference.org to find out who these leaders are and their wide array of accomplishments.
Discover Who These Plenary Speakers Are at ILAGlobalConference.org
Photo of Carolyn Hester
We Built a Fortress of Folk

In this month's Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change Corner, editor Susie Erenrich interviews Carolyn Hester and her daughters. Hester was a trailblazer during the 1960s folk revival who sang with the Mississippi Caravan of Music - "a group of troubadour-allies who went South to help break the back of Jim Crow."
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Photo of Man Running to Escape Giant Cage Trying to Trap Him
From Hero to Zero: Why Leaders Fail

ILA Fellow Erwin Schwella uses the case of General Jacob “Jackie” Selebi, the former National Commissioner of the South African Police Service to explore the personality traits and contexts that contribute to why public leaders fail.
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A Field of Sunflowers
A Student's Viewpoint

In this month's PAUSE for PEDAGOGY column, Ph.D. student Lyndee Phillips shares her personal leadership journey in, "A Student's Viewpoint: Self-Leadership Enlightenment." Find out how Phillips discovered self-leadership while taking an undergraduate art class and how the relationship between teachers and students in any classroom can build leadership capacities.
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Picture of a person writing
Colloquium Advances Women’s Leadership From Intent to Action

In this wrap-up article by Randal Joy Thompson, discover the work of ILA’s Women and Leadership member community, words of wisdom from this year’s Women and Leadership keynote speakers, and the creation of eight teams of researchers moving from intent to action.
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Photo of Wave crashing with sun behind it
Leading With Care, Compassion, and a New Vision

How can we be more prepared for the challenges a VUCA world holds in store? How do we hold safe space for ourselves, for our neighbors, families, colleagues, and students as we go through challenging times? Azadeh Davari reflects on leadership lessons learned during the past year.
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