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4 November 2021

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Leadership and the God of Small Things

In the middle of COP26, Keith Grint asks: “How do we mobilize the population to take responsibility for the planet when their personal contribution might appear to them to be materially irrelevant?” And what does this have to do with notions about leadership, followership, and systemic change?
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A Pandemic-Sized Opportunity to Lead Through Change

What would you do if your business relied on in-person pitches, which overnight became impossible? In this PAUSE for Pedagogy, Chris McManus, Strategy and Consulting Lead for the SOUTH Market Unit at Accenture, and Jon Newsome, Chief Storytelling Officer at Presentation Partners, share a behind the scenes look at Accenture's pitch pivot during the pandemic and how their partnership with Presentation Partners eliminated "death by PowerPoint" by training senior leaders to develop a narrative driven story and deliver it effectively in a virtual presentation.
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Lessons and Virtues of Reluctant Leadership

This month's Global & Culturally Diverse Leadership column falls squarely at the intersection of practice and theory. In part one, College President Dr. Christopher Ames reflects on his overnight transition from English Professor to full-time "untrained" college administrator and the leadership lessons he accrued along the way. Then, in their epilogue, "Reflections on The Lessons and Virtues of Reluctant Leadership" column editors Dr. Antonio Jimenez Luque, Dr. Gayle Skawen:nio Morse, and Dr. Joseph E. Trimble discuss the theory and research behind highly skilled reluctant leaders like Ames.
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A Crisis of Trust

The level of distrust between individuals and within organizations has become so corrosive it demands the attention of every leader. Katherine Tyler Scott discusses the three Cs of trust: competence, character, and compassion.
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From Woodstock to Kent State

This month's Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change Corner shares stories from people who attended the 1969 Woodstock Music & Art Fair and who then witnessed or were directly impacted by the 1970 Kent State University shootings when the Ohio National Guard shot into a crowd of students, killing four. As a social movement history documentarian, Erenrich "uses the arts for social change to tell stories about transformational leadership, resilience, and societal shifts as a result of mobilization efforts by ordinary citizens."
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Leadership as Integrity and Trust

Leadership is impossible without integrity, and integrity is inconceivable without trust. Erwin Schwella explores the interconnections between these concepts in his latest blog. He concludes, quite starkly that the flip side – leadership corruption – is deadly and kills.
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2021 Case Competition Winners

Congratulations to Graduate Division Winners Simona Catana & Carolina Parro, representing ESMT Berlin and Undergraduate Winners Phyu Chaw, Sydney King, Bianca Londres, and Adrianna DeSantis representing Christopher Newport University. If you weren't able to catch the final presentations last week, you can do via the link below.

Each year, the International Student Case Competition is organized by ILA's Leadership Education Member Interest Group. In 2021, the competition was sponsored by the ASU Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory and teams were asked to identify a significant contemporary social problem to address that pertained to one of the following six U.N. Sustainable Development Goals: SDG#1 No Poverty; SDG#2 Zero Hunger; SDG#3 Good Health and Well-Being; SDG#4 Quality Education; SDG#5 Gender Equality; SDG#13 Climate Action.
Graduate Finalist Presentations

ESMT Berlin, Pepperdine University,

and Robert Morris University
Undergraduate Finalist Presentations

Christopher Newport University,

Arizona State University, and Washburn University

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