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8 October 2021

Anuradga Gupta (pictured), Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
#ILA2021Global Keeps Growing

In less than two weeks we’ll gather in Geneva and then online for ILA’s HyFlex global conference. The program line up just keeps getting better and better including new plenary speaker Anuradga Gupta (pictured), Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. View the complete list of plenaries and spotlight sessions plus links to concurrent sessions on the agenda Whether you’re able to join us in Geneva 20-23, Online 24-25, or both – we look forward to reconnecting! There's already over 1,100 people registered. Are you?
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Shadow Person Standing in Front of Three Doors Trying to Choose
Leadership and the Quest for Certainty

“Leadership is often associated with certainty....and yet, when faced with wicked problems, we know that we cannot know what to do, we cannot be certain.” Keith Grint explores the collision of uncertainty, perceptions of leadership effectiveness, and decision-making in his latest ILA blog.
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Math on a Stair Case
Equity & Leadership in Mathematics Education

As Don Balka shares, “Mathematics leaders have been given the task of infusing equity into the K-12 mathematics community.” As such, we need to understand the role of a mathematics leader, how they are developed, and how they can communicate about equity in K-12 contexts. Read this month's PAUSE for Pedagogy for insights into this topic!
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Hands circling a light bulb working together on ideas.
Humble Leadership & Inquiry

In today's VUCA world, leaders can't simply "figure things out." They must depend on colleagues and followers to provide needed information and expertise. To be successful, Ed and Peter Schein argue, leaders must be humble and engage in humble inquiry.
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Photo of  Francisco Letelier painting a mural in Palestine
Between Thorns and Thistles in Bil’in

In this month's Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change Corner, world-renowned muralist Francisco Letelier, whose work stresses collective action and participatory activity, "chronicles his travels and community-based art in the West Bank of Palestine. Francisco was part of a delegation of creatives who made the sojourn to the area for an arts residency." Corner editor Susie Erenrich introduces the piece.
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Photo of September 2021 cover of HQ Magazine
ILA Featured in HQ Magazine

In this September 2021 interview with Headquarters Magazines (one of the premier magazines for international associations that organize global conferences), ILA President and CEO Cynthia Cherrey talks about our HyFlex #ILA2021Global conference and shares leadership insights pertaining to organizational hierarchy, democracy, and supporting the flourishing of our members. Read "One's Success Is Determined by One's Connectedness."
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blue snake
In Defense of Leadership
(and Followership)

Are the terms leadership, leading, and leader simply too toxic to be useful anymore? ILA member Sharna Fabiano explores this provocative question in a recent blog.
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Photo of Book Cover Chaos Is a Gift?
Is Chaos a Gift?

In their provocative new book, ILA members Andrew Campbell and Ebben Van Zyl ask: Is Chaos a Gift? In this ILA Field Report, they walk us through some of the ways that leaders can view the outcomes and lessons learned while leading in VUCA environments as a gift.
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