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21 June 2019
Juan R. Guardia
PAUSE for Pedagogy

In "Líderes en Acción (Leaders in Action): The Importance of Latinx/o/a Leadership Development for Latino/a Fraternity & Sorority Members," Juan R. Guardia draws on Juana Bordas' leadership theories and the funds of knowledge theory to discuss Latino/a fraternities and sororities as important avenues of leadership development. Read the article, then watch the short video interview afterward with Guardia and PAUSE editor, Lisa Endersby.
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Darlene Clover
Disobedient Women Exhibit

In this issue of the Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change Corner, Darlene Clover gives readers a behind-the-scenes exhibit she guest curated titled Disobedient Women: Defiance, Resilience, and Creativity Past and Present, an exhibit she describes as an aesthetic coming together of art, politics, and resistance. The article is introduced by column editor Susan Erenrich.
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 Mike Hardy
Connections. Connectivity.

ILA Board Chair Mike Hardy reflects on the first six months in his new position, explains why he devotes "so much time thinking about and agonizing over leadership," and discusses ILA as "a place of and for purposeful connections."
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Todd Deal
A Learning Mindset

LEA facilitator Todd Deal introduces himself and shares the importance of a learning mindset when gathering together to improve each other's practice as leadership educators. ILA's Leadership Education Academy (LEA) this August is sold out, but if you'd like to be placed on the waitlist, please email Nick Kiessig at conferences@ila-net.org with the subject line "LEA Waitlist."
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