Resource Rewind: Exploring the Archives of the International Leadership Association
7 January 2021
Events of the past few months have drawn attention to democratic norms, the rule of law, and the ways in which leadership and democracy intersect. This month's Resource Rewind focuses on that theme.

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Headstone with 'In Memory of Democracy?'
Democracy on Notice

"Democracy on Notice! Losing Battles, but Will We Win the War?" brings together esteemed panelists from the Fetzer Institute; the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations; and others to discuss the contemporary threats to rules-based order and democracy.

ILA is making this conference video freely available to everyone.

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Maureen Metcalf
Democracy on the Run

In this 2019 podcast, ILA Fellow Maureen Metcalf interviews ILA Board Chair Mike Hardy and international experts Veronika Anghel and Matt Qvortrup on, "Democracy on the Run: How Strong and Capable Leaders Can Stand Up to Autocrats." Maureen is frequently in the top 50 business podcasts on iTunes.
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Book Cover: Leadership & Democracy by Adel Safty
Leadership & Democracy

Behind-the-pages interview with author Adel Safty on his 2004 book, Leadership & Democracy. How do leadership and democracy intersect, and what are the qualities of leadership in a world of democratic empowerment? BONUS: ILA members, log in and download Chapter 1, "Democratisation and Governance".
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Photo of word democracy highlighted in green
Democracy & Leadership Theory

A precursor to his book, The Leadership Dilemma in Modern Democracy, Kenneth Ruscio gave his paper, "The Connections Between Democratic Theory and Leadership Theory: The Case of Public Reason," at one of ILA's first conferences in 1999.

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