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Women and Leadership

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By S. Lynn Shollen 

S. Lynn Shollen PhotoS. Lynn Shollen is 2017 Chair of the International Leadership Association’s Women and Leadership Affinity Group. As an associate professor of leadership studies in the Department of Leadership and American Studies at Christopher Newport University, her research interests include identity work and the faculty to administrator transition, identity and perceptions of leadership, leadership identity construction, and teaching about women and leadership. She is co-author of the book Faculty Success Through Mentoring: A Guide for Mentors, Mentees, and Leaders (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2009). She serves as a reviewer for Journal of Leadership Education and Leadership, and on the advisory board for Christopher Newport University’s Center for Effective Teaching.

In 2016 the ILA’s Women and Leadership Affinity Group (WLAG) presented three awards for outstanding scholarship and outstanding practice in the area of women and leadership. The awardees were honored at the annual Women and Leadership networking luncheon, which took place during ILA’s annual global conference in Atlanta last November. More information about each recipient is available below.

Beginning this year, WLAG’s member community awards will be given out on a biennial basis, aligning with the ILA Women and Leadership conference where henceforth the awards will be presented.

We are currently seeking nominations, due the 24th of April, for the 2017 awards. The awards will be conferred during the 3rd Biennial Women and Leadership conference, Advancing Women in Leadership: Cultivating Our Whole Selves taking place at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, the 11th-14th of June. Please take a moment to nominate a colleague who is an outstanding scholar or practitioner in the field of women and leadership!

Meet the 2016 Award Winners

Sherylle Tan with Best ScholarThe 2016 Outstanding Scholarship for Established Scholars Award was presented to Karen Korabik, Professor Emeritus in the Psychology Department at University of Guelph in Canada. Korabik is an international scholar whose work has significantly advanced the study of women in leadership. She developed a multi-perspective theory of gender and leadership and a theory of gender/diversity dynamics in organizations that explains the social psychological processes and structural factors that result in systemic bias and discrimination against women. Korabik, who was able to fly into the conference for the award ceremony, shared, “I am extremely grateful to the Women in Leadership Affinity Group of the International Leadership Association for honoring me with this award. It is a tremendous compliment to have the research that I have been doing with my colleagues over the past forty years recognized for having made a contribution to the field.” Throughout her career Korabik has been committed to applying the findings of her research through knowledge dissemination and practice. She has advanced the status of women through her roles as a teacher, a research supervisor, a mentor, and a consultant to a variety of local, provincial, national, and international organizations and government agencies.

Sherylle Tan with Best Emerging ScholarsThe 2016 Outstanding Scholarship for Emerging Scholars Award was presented jointly to Amy Diehl and Leanne Dzubinski. Diehl is Associate Vice President and Director of Systems & Applications at Shippensburg University. At Biola University, Dzubinski is Associate Professor of Intercultural Education and Studies, Chair of the Intercultural Studies Graduate Department, and Program Director of Intercultural Education. Diehl and Dzubinski collaborated on their research efforts to develop a comprehensive description of barriers that women face in executive leadership because they are women, irrespective of organization type. In their paper, “Making the Invisible Visible: A Cross-Sector Analysis of Gender-Based Leadership Barriers,” (Human Resource Development Quarterly, Vol. 27.2, 2016, pp. 181-206) they identified 27 distinct barriers which women navigate in the context of executive leadership. Diehl and Dzubinski, who were already on the conference schedule to present their work, “were thrilled to receive the WLAG emerging scholars award at the 2016 International Leadership Association's annual conference. We have been working together for several years to develop a deeper understanding of the comprehensive range of barriers women leaders encounter at the executive level. To have our work recognized publicly was a wonderful encouragement for us as relatively new scholars in the field of women's leadership.” They are continuing their work together to develop an unconscious gender bias index to assess the extent to which woman leaders are affected by unconscious bias in the workplace.

Diane TiceDiane Tice was unable to attend the global conference in Atlanta and will be honored in person at the Advancing Women in Leadership conference this June with the 2016 Outstanding Practice With Broad Impact Award. Tice is co-founder of the Pacific Institute, a global consulting firm that has helped over 6.5 million people in 60 countries and 23 languages to realize their potential. Tice embodies the Institute’s leadership and humanitarian principles of empowering people to recognize their ability to choose growth, personal freedom, and personal excellence. She fosters the advancement of women in leadership globally by partnering with supportive individual, organizational, national, and international leaders with whom she comes in contact.

The Women and Leadership Affinity Group community leaders and executive leadership team congratulates and extends our gratitude to these outstanding recipients for their excellence in scholarship and practice as well as their advocacy, commitment, and actions in supporting women in leadership.

Submit Nominations for the 2017 Awards

Don’t forget to nominate deserving scholars and practitioners who advance the field of women and leadership by the 24th of April! The 2017 winners will be recognized at the 3rd biennial ILA Women and Leadership conference, 11-14 June at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

* Please Note: The email server at Joanne Barnes university was down for a few hours during the week of the 10th of April. If you submitted a nomination and have not yet received an acknowledgement from Joanne, please contact her again at joanne.barnes@indwes.edu.