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Rhonda MageeInterview With Rhonda Magee
7 June 2020

In this episode of Exploring Leadership, Kathryn Goldman Schuyler interviews Rhonda V. Magee, Professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law and author of The Inner Work of Racial Justice: Healing Ourselves and Transforming our Communities Through Mindfulness. Rhonda Magee is among a small number of thought leaders who have been powerfully speaking out about how mindfulness and other contemplative practices need to be part of leadership development and part of all professional development.


Alonzo KingInterview With Rob Chestnut
30 April 2020

In this episode of "Exploring Leadership," Kathryn Goldman Schuyler interviews Rob Chesnut, Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb about ethics in the corporate world and topics from his new book Intentional Integrity - How Smart Companies Can Lead an Ethical Revolution. Rob discusses how creating a culture of integrity can clarify and energize employees to act on their values and lead ethically.


Riane EislerInterview With Riane Eisler
23 April 2020

In this episode, Kathryn interviews Riane Eisler, President of the Center for Partnership Studies and visionary author of global best-seller The Chalice and the Blade and other influential books. They address the value of distinguishing between partnership and domination-based societies and why thinking about the value of partnership may be particularly important during this period of global crisis.


Max KlauInterview With Max Klau
23 April 2020

In this episode, Kathryn interviews Max Klau, Chief Program Officer of the New Politics Leadership Academy, a non-partisan non-profit dedicated to recruiting and developing military veterans and alumni of national service programs to seek political office. Klau describes the importance of such servant leaders for democracy at this time of global crisis.


Subhanu SaxenaInterview With Subhanu Saxena
23 April 2020

In this episode, Kathryn talks with Subhanu Saxena, the Director of Innovation Introduction at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Subhanu describes the challenges of introducing innovations in healthcare in the developing world that can make a difference during this global pandemic.


Matthew LeeInterview With Matthew Lee
22 April 2020

In this episode, Kathryn interviews Matthew Lee, Director of Empirical Research at the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University. Lee describes the importance of thinking about and planning for flourishing at this time of global crisis.


Alonzo KingExploring Leadership - A Conversation With Alonzo King
12 July 2019

Kathryn Goldman Schuyler interviews Alonzo King, founder of LINES Ballet, an internationally respected company based in San Francisco for the past 35 years. King is not only a great choreographer but also a wise leader who encourages his dancers to find their own voice through both movement and words. Learn more about Alonzo then watch Kathryn's video interview with this leader.


Anne StevensExploring Leadership - A Conversation With Anne Stevens
30 May 2019

In this episode, Kathryn Goldman Schuyler interviews Anne Stevens, arguably the most influential woman ever in the U.S. auto industry. Her work led Motor Trend magazine to name Stevens to its annual “Power List” of the 50 most powerful people in the auto industry and Fortune magazine to include her among their most powerful women in corporate America.


Ed ScheinExploring Leadership - A Conversation With Ed and Peter Schein
17 December 2018

Ed Schein and Peter Schein, co-authors of Humble Leadership (2018), discuss the impetus behind their new book. Learn what it was like for this father and son team to work together on the book as they dispense nuggets of wisdom on leadership, humility, personalization, organizational development, and the importance of storytelling.


KathrynEmail.jpgExploring Leadership - A Conversation With Yongey Mingyur Ripoche
19 October 2018

In this episode, Kathryn Goldman Schuyler interviews Yongey Mingyur Ripoche, a master of Tibetan Buddhism, the bestselling author of The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret Science of Happiness, and the founder of Tergar International. Mingyur’s unique approach to mindfulness and organizational development will be discussed.


KathrynEmail.jpgExploring Leadership - A Conversation With Subhanu Saxena and Jacqueline Carter 
12 July 2018

Welcome to ILA's new video column, Exploring Leadership, produced in partnership with host Kathryn Goldman Schuyler. In this inaugural episode, Kathryn is joined by Subhanu Saxena, co-Managing Partner, New Rhein Healthcare and a Regional Director for the Gates Foundation and Jacqueline Carter, International Partner and North American Director for Potential Project to explore leadership. Click the image below to watch!