26 March 2020
Dan Jenkins
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Thank you to the 796 people who registered for Tuesday's webinar! Don't worry if you missed it. It's freely available online as part of our new page on "Trusted Leadership Resources: Crisis Leadership, Teaching Online, and Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other." Watch and learn from Dan Jenkins as he discusses strategies and tips to ease the transition to teaching online.

Want to continue the conversation? Dan and other experts are hosting a drop-in Q&A on Zoom Tuesday 31 March at 1:00 PM EDT. Register for the drop-in at: https://tinyurl.com/DropInZoom31
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Ralph Gigliotti
Crisis Leadership Education

In this PAUSE for Pedagogy column, Ralph Gigliotti discusses how to teach crisis leadership to both undergraduates and to administrators in higher education. Read the article, then watch the video interview with PAUSE co-editor Dan Jenkins. Don't forget to register for our FREE webinar on "Crisis Leadership in Higher Education" with Gigliotti. The webinar will take place 7 April at 12PM EDT. Learn more.
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Participants during Walk With Me
Decolonization and Reconciliation

In this Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change column, we learn about the work of a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who collaborated to create a series of experiential educational events at Royal Roads University that began to address the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s calls to action. The article shares the context and the background theory behind their work and then takes you step by step through the practice of "Walk With Me" illustrating decolonization and reconciliation through participatory theatre. The article is introduced by column editor Susan J. Erenrich.
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Corey Seemiller
Developing the Student Leadership Competencies

Go behind the scenes of Corey Seemiller's journey to create the Student Leadership Competencies database and the abundance of rich materials that came out of that project including: The Student Leadership Competencies Inventory, assessment tools, models, curriculum, an app with digital badges, and the Trailblazer and Voyager student activity card decks. Over the past year, Corey has completely updated the database! At the end of the article, you'll find a helpful summary of the competencies with links to many free resources.
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 Jean Lau Chin
Crisis Leadership & Xenophobia

In this short thought-piece, Jean Lau Chin, co-editor of ILA's Global and Culturally Diverse Leadership in the 21st Century column, shares her thoughts on how scapegoating becomes a prevalent phenomenon in times of crisis if we categorize people based on stereotypes, blame victims for their plight, and maintain an outgroup bias of negatively treating those perceived as different.
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