30 April 2020
Rob Chestnut
Interview With Rob Chestnut

In this episode of "Exploring Leadership," Kathryn Goldman Schuyler interviews Rob Chestnut, Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb about ethics in the corporate world and topics from his new book Intentional Integrity - How Smart Companies Can Lead an Ethical Revolution. Rob discusses how creating a culture of integrity can clarify and energize employees to act on their values and lead ethically.
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Lauren Bullock
Leadership Education & Podcasting

Lauren Bullock (co-host with Dan Jenkins of The Leadership Educator podcast) discusses her assignment she used in an undergraduate leadership course which asked students to create their own podcast episodes. The assignment gave students the opportunity to write strategically, use technology to communicate to an audience effectively, and demonstrate an ability to identify appropriate and effective evidence-based research. She describes the challenges of implementing the assignment, successes, and her key learning. Read the article, then watch the video interview with Lauren and PAUSE co-editor Lisa Endersby.
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Participants at the 2019 Louder Than a Bomb Slam Poetry Competition
Louder Than a Bomb

This Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change column is penned by long-time troubadour of conscience Kristin Lems. In "Louder Than a Bomb: Poetry Slams and Community Activism Create a Powerful Brew," Kristin discusses the roots of Chicago's youth poetry slam, Chance the Rapper (a recent graduate of the Young Chicago writing workshops), and her experience as a judge at LTAB. The article is introduced by column editor Susan J. Erenrich.
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Art Blume
An Indigenous American Vision of Leadership

Using a common American metaphor, Art Blume suggests that not only do many of today’s leaders have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees, many leaders have difficulty seeing how the trees and the forest are connected to the rest of the natural world through the air, the soil, and the water. He asks: Why is leadership lost in the trees rather than leading with a vision of the interconnected whole that nourishes each tree? Global & Culturally Diverse Leadership in the 21st Century column editors Joseph E. Trimble and Jean Lau Chin explore this further in their epilogue to Blume's article.
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