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5 November 2020
Georgia Sorenson
In Memoriam of Georgia Sorenson

Last month we lost one of the pillars of the leadership field. Georgia Sorenson, a leadership author, mother, teacher, mentor, thought leader, editor, grandmother, passed away on October 18. The ILA was one of her legacies. Read ILA President Cynthia Cherrey's moving tribute to one of the ILA's founders.
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Martinella Dryburgh
Leadership and Delegation

In this PAUSE for Pedagogy, Martinella Dryburgh discusses how she uses an episode of the popular TV show The Office to discuss delegation with students. During the class students examine what delegation is, why it’s an important skill for leaders, and how to delegate properly. Read the article, then watch the video interview with Martinella and PAUSE co-editor Dan Jenkins.
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Peter Weng
Practice Gratitude for Your Team

It's OK to recognize that we're living in challenging circumstance, but you have the power to lift the clouds in your workplace by infusing a tone of gratitude into your company culture. In this latest blog, #ILA2020Global spotlight speakers Peter Weng shares tips and strategies for individuals and leaders. Read his blog post, then check out other recent posts in ILA's blog, Leadership for the Greater Good: Reflections on Today's Challenges From Around the Globe.
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Naima Prevots
Reflecting Back

In this Grassroots Leadership and the Arts for Social Change Corner, Dancer and Dance educator and historian, Naima Prevots reflects back on her work with the Henry Street Settlement House, the CAREL Arts and Humanities Curriculum Development Program for Young Children, Pearl Primus, and others through the lens of the arts for social change.
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Gill Robinson Hickman
ILA's Latest Podcast

In this two-part podcast, Leonora Nicholson interviews ILA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Gill Robinson Hickman and Laura Knouse on their new book, When Leaders Face Personal Crisis: The Human Side of Leadership. Listen to the podcast and then be sure to attend their panel on Friday 6 November at #ILA2020Global!
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Mei-Yan Lu
An Attendee's Perspective

Read this fascinating first-person perspective from Mei-Yan Lu of what it was like to attend ILA's 2020 virtual Women and Leadership conference as someone new to ILA and a little skeptical at first about online conferencing. Her delight at being welcomed, meeting people throughout the conference, and the creation of a continuing post-conference Thursday Virtual Coffee is contagious! Remember, our annual global virtual conference is live now through 9 November - Learn more and register at: www.ILA-net.org/2020Global
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