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30 June 2021

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Followership Changed My Life

Marc Hurwitz discusses followership – an idea that he says “quite literally changed my life.” Finding kindred spirits in ILA’s Followership member community, Marc is now playing a role at the upcoming Leadership Education Academy (LEA).

If you'd like to take your practice as a leadership educator to the next level, consider joining Marc at LEA! Less than 10 seats remain at this immersive, cohort-based training program designed by leadership educators for leadership educators. This year's LEA is virtual and only $307 for ILA members! Learn more and register
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The Power of Leadership Narrative Intelligence

The theme of this year’s ILA global conference calls us to Reimagine Leadership Together. For Carol Pearson, this is also a call to reimagine one’s own leadership. In this article, based on her book What Stories Are You Living, she discusses how a psychodynamic approach can encourage us to reflect and then act from the inside out. If we don’t, and we come up with abstract ideas only, we may fail to embody them and accomplish nothing.
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The Precarious Process of Leading Change

As restrictions put in place to lower the risk of COVID infection are gradually lifted, organizations will be faced with how they will adapt. ILA Fellow Katherine Tyler Scott explores the challenge posed by imminent changes faced by leaders in their institutions – the precarious nature of the change process.
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Race Against Time

In this month's Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change Corner, investigative reporter and MacArthur "Genius Grant" award-winner Jerry Mitchell shares memories from his book, Race Against Time: A Reporter Reopens the Unsolved Murder Cases of the Civil Rights Era, Jerry documents his decades-long pursuit of justice, helping to solve some of the most heinous murders of the Civil Rights era in the United States.
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Mindful of Authority - Police Officers Who Meditate

In, "Mindful of Authority: Exploring Leadership With Police Officers Who Meditate," ILA member Les Sylven discusses how daily meditative practice improved his effectiveness as a police officer and leader in Canada and asks whether the practice of meditation should be supported as a potential tool for all police officers and be placed in the curriculum of police leadership development programs.
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ILA's upcoming DEI Virtual Summit features some of the top names in the field! Register today for two days of empowering speeches, deep dive workshops, and information-rich poster sessions.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summit: A Call to Awareness, Advocacy, and Action for Inclusive Leadership | 15-16 July | International Leadership Association | ILAGlobalNetwork.org
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American Indian Leadership in Collectivist Contexts

We live in an increasingly globalized world where people immigrate for work or other reasons, students study abroad, and multinational companies have a presence in many divergent cultural contexts. In this article, part of our regular column on Global & Culturally Diverse Leadership in the 21st Century, Amoneeta Beckstein [Aniyunwiya] shares how an understanding of American Indian leadership values can help contribute to the application of multiculturally competent leadership, particularly in collectivist contexts.
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Leadership With Wisdom

When paradigms shift, leaders can't rely on precedent - instead they must rely on wisdom. ILA Fellow Erwin Schwella explores how leaders obtain the wisdom they need to lead in today's VUCA world.
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Online Community
Intersections – ILA’s Member Portal Is Expanding

Attention! ILA Member Communities are launching their own online Intersections Hubs to better serve the targeted needs of their specific constituency. Learn more about this initiative and the benefits to ILA members!
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The Colors of Leadership

Keith Grint explores the way color — in almost all its formats and embodiments — is deeply implicated in leadership whether in terms of how it’s signified and practiced, how it’s used to create and enforce status and hierarchy, and even how it’s used in certain leadership development models to code capacities.
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PAUSE for Pedagogy

Have you implemented an innovative practice in leadership education? If so, ILA's PAUSE for Pedagogy editors are looking for article submissions to be considered for publication in ILA Interface throughout the remainder of the calendar year and into 2022. The Editors are especially interested in first-hand educational concepts from industry, community partners, and students. Follow the link below to read the complete call for submissions.
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