PAUSE for Pedagogy

A regular column in ILA's Interface newsletter, PAUSE for Pedagogy aims to connect leadership education theory to practice and seeks to take lessons learned in the classroom to expand our theoretical knowledge of teaching and learning and add tools to the readers' pedagogical toolboxes. Written for both the experienced educator and those new to the profession, most columns are accompanied by a video interview with the author exploring the ideas raised in the article in more detail. The series is edited by Lisa Endersby and Dan Jenkins, members of ILA’s Leadership Education Member Interest Group. Have you implemented an innovative practice in your leadership education? Contact Dan and Lisa at


Pause for PedagogyA Pandemic-Sized Opportunity to Lead Through Change
4 November 2021

What would you do if your business relied on in-person pitches, which overnight became impossible? In this PAUSE for Pedagogy, Chris McManus, Strategy and Consulting Lead for the SOUTH Market Unit at Accenture, and Jon Newsome, Chief Storytelling Officer at Presentation Partners, share a behind the scenes look at Accenture's pitch pivot during the pandemic and how their partnership with Presentation Partners eliminated "death by PowerPoint" by training senior leaders to develop a narrative driven story and deliver it effectively in a virtual presentation.

Pause for PedagogyEquity & Leadership in Mathematics Education
8 October 2021

As Don Balka shares, “Mathematics leaders have been given the task of infusing equity into the K-12 mathematics community.” As such, we need to understand the role of a mathematics leader, how they are developed, and how they can communicate about equity in K-12 contexts. Read this month's PAUSE for Pedagogy for insights into this topic!

Pause for PedagogyA Student's Viewpoint
29 July 2021

In this month's PAUSE for PEDAGOGY column, Ph.D. student Lyndee Phillips shares her personal leadership journey in, "A Student's Viewpoint: Self-Leadership Enlightenment." Find out how Phillips discovered self-leadership while taking an undergraduate art class and how the relationship between teachers and students in any classroom can build leadership capacities.

Pause for PedagogyOur World, Our Leadership: Empowering Students to Co-Create Unique Peer Learning Experiences
30 April 2021

In this month's PAUSE for Pedagogy, "Our World, Our Leadership: Empowering Students to Co-Create Unique Peer Learning Experiences," Magdalena Goledzinowska shares insights on the design, delivery, and impact of two fully virtual co-curricular leadership development programs run by the Centennial Leadership Academy (CLA) at Centennial College in Toronto, Canada.

Pause for PedagogyGoogle Site: A Virtual “Home” for Resident Assistants in the COVID-19 storm
25 March 2021

Hoa Bui shares her experiences building a free website using Google Sites to aid with staff supervision of student Resident Assistants. While COVID-19 may have precipitated this new communication channel for her team, it's benefits at relieving communication apprehension and creating more opportunities for adaptability and collaboration have led her to continue the project.

Pause for PedagogyCo-Inquiry During Unprecedented Times
18 February 2021

In this PAUSE for Pedagogy, a diverse team of eight leadership educators from higher education institutions across the U.S. describe their co-inquiry process, share reflections on their learning, and offer considerations for application in other professional contexts. As they discovered, "The 2020 dual pandemics of COVID-19 and racism challenged everyone to do things differently. For leadership educators, this meant shifts in how we teach, connect with students, understand our role in making change in our institutions and communities, and navigate our own personal change."


Love to LearnLeadership and...
10 December 2020

PAUSE editors Lisa Endersby and Dan Jenkins talk about what this year's theme, "Leadership and..." revealed about leadership pedagogy and the truly interdisciplinary field of leadership. The pair are currently seeking articles for their 2021 theme, "Transforming Leadership Education for Virtual Spaces." View the complete call for articles at the end of their reflection.

Martinella DryburghLeadership and Delegation
5 November 2020

In this PAUSE for Pedagogy, Martinella Dryburgh discusses how she uses an episode of the popular TV show The Office to discuss delegation with students. During the class students examine what delegation is, why it’s an important skill for leaders, and how to delegate properly. Read the article, then watch the video interview with Martinella and PAUSE co-editor Dan Jenkins.

Jay RojasLeadership Educator Development
2 October 2020

In this PAUSE for Pedagogy article, Jay Rojas discusses professional development of leadership educators. The article builds upon recommendations made in the CACUSS Student Affairs and Services Competency Model by arguing that the leadership education community should create their own set of complementary competencies. Read the article, then watch the video interview with Jay and PAUSE co-editor Lisa Endersby.

Lauren BullockLevel-Up Your Pedagogy
19 August 2020

In this PAUSE for Pedagogy article, Joe Lasley (Assistant Professor of Leadership and Organizational Studies at the University of Southern Maine) discusses "Gamenamic Leadership: How Game Design Can Level-Up Leadership Pedagogy." Using phenomenological framework of leadership that applies development and creativity through gaming, games can serve as concrete play experiences that enable learning and development for players and researchers alike. Read the article, then watch the video interview with Joe and PAUSE co-editor Lisa Endersby.

Lauren BullockMentoring Students in High Stakes Roles
30 June 2020

In this PAUSE for Pedagogy article, Lauren Edelman and Michael Gleason discuss the Leadership Challenge Event™, a unique student-led leadership simulation and competition that has provided participating high school and college students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. The article focuses on the student fellow who provides the vision and leadership for the event each year and how Edelman and Gleason intentionally mentor these fellows. Read the article, then watch the video interview with Lauren, Michael, and PAUSE co-editor Dan Jenkins.

Lauren BullockLeadership and Podcasting in Pedagogy
30 April 2020

Lauren Bullock discusses her assignment she used in an undergraduate leadership course which asked students to create their own podcast episodes. Read the article, then watch the video interview with Lauren and PAUSE co-editor Lisa Endersby.

Ralph GigliottiCrisis Leadership Education
26 March 2020

Ralph Gigliotti discusses the nature of crisis leadership and how to teach crisis leadership to both undergraduates and administrators in higher education. Read the article, then watch the video interview with PAUSE co-editor Dan Jenkins.


Woman Walking on CampusSocial Justice in Leadership Education: Editors’ Reflections on the 2019 Pause for Pedagogy Series
16 December 2019

In this final PAUSE for Pedagogy of 2019, PAUSE editors Dan Jenkins and Lisa Endersby reflect on themes and lessons learned from this year's series on social justice and the leadership education classroom. After reading the article, don't miss the video wrap-up from Dan and Lisa.

Tony AndenoroThe Holocaust & Leadership Learning: Developing Social Justice Capacity for a Complex World
22 November 2019

Anthony C. Andenoro and W. Jake Newsome discuss a compelling framework for leadership educators developed by researchers at the Institute for Ethical Leadership at St. Thomas University in concert with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM). The article provides a snapshot of the framework as well as implications for the development of the critical capacities necessary for social justice agency and action. Read the article, then watch the short video interview afterward with Andenoro, Newsome, and PAUSE editor, Dan Jenkins.

Dorsey Spencer Jr.Black Male/Female Leadership Development as Social Justice Education
14 September 2019

Dorsey Spencer Jr. and LaFarin Meriwether discuss the additional struggles Black students face within the context of being a leader when compared to their non-Black peers. Based on this, the article explores recommendations for leadership development for Black students. Read the article, then watch the short video interview afterward with Spencer, Meriwether, and PAUSE editor, Dan Jenkins.

Jane RodriguezIntroducing Socially Just Leadership Education to a Hispanic-Serving Institution
2 August 2019

Jane Rodriguez discusses an introductory exercise used to establish an understanding of what racism, sexism, classism, religious oppression, ableism, heterosexism, ageism, and xenophobia are, what this looks like for individuals who are privileged or marginalized and how to be an ally. Read the article, then watch the short video interview afterward with Rodriguez and PAUSE editor, Lisa Endersby. 

Cameron C. BeattyLíderes en Acción (Leaders in Action): The Importance of Latinx/o/a Leadership Development for Latino/a Fraternity & Sorority Members
21 June 2019

Juan R. Guardia draws on Juana Bordas' leadership theories and the funds of knowledge theory to discuss Latino/a fraternities and sororities as important avenues of leadership development. Read the article, then watch the supplemental interview between Cameron and Lisa Endersby. 

Cameron C. BeattyCreating a Podcast for Change Through Global Leadership Education
12 April 2019

Cameron C. Beatty reflects on a study aboard assignment he created that "challenged students to reflect on a social movement in Sweden and to develop a creative podcast to explore the leadership lessons learned from critical perspectives." He applied a liberatory pedagogical lens to this assignment and his overall design of the study abroad experience. Read the article, then watch the supplemental interview between Cameron and Lisa Endersby. 

Trisha TeigParadigms and Narratives, Discomfort and Liberation: A Reflective Journey in Teaching Critically
8 March 2019

Trisha Teig shares insights from teaching her course, Gender and Leadership and offers ideas for actualizing the work of integrating identity as a critical practice for leadership. Read the article, then watch the supplemental interview between Trisha and Dan Jenkins. 


Chuck PalusEnhancing Leadership Learning and Dialogue With Visual Explorer
27 December 2018

Chuck Palus and Dan Jenkins discuss Visual Explorer, an image-based tool that facilitates powerful conversations around facilitator-selected topics in a way that supports mutual empathetic relationships while creating learning and energy in the classroom. Read the article, then watch the supplemental interview between Chuck, Dan, and Lisa Endersby. 

Summer OdomA Tool for Teaching Personal Leadership Online: The Real Life Leader in the Mirror Assignment
3 December 2018

Summer Odom and Valerie McKee discuss a project-assignment in which their online leadership students "synthesize leadership concepts by comparing and contrasting their personalities, interests, beliefs, and capacities with a leader in the media or popular press." Read the article, then watch the supplemental interview between Summer, Valerie, and Dan Jenkins. 

Elizabeth GoryunovaTo Gamify or Not? That is the Question.
6 November 2018

Elizabeth Goryunova discusses her experience of integrating gamified digital technology into a leadership education course. The research basis of gamification, lessons learned, and ideas worth implementing are explored. Read the article, then watch the supplemental interview between Elizabeth and Lisa Endersby. 

Jackie BruceLeadership PhotoVoice: Application in Action
13 September 2018

In this article, Jackie Bruce takes you into an online classroom utilizing PhotoVoice as a tool to understand and make meaning of abstract leadership theories. Read the actual assignment and a sample response received along with tips on how to utilize PhotoVoice in your own leadership classroom. Read the article, then watch the supplemental interview between Jackie and Dan Jenkins. 

Bruce JacksonCharlie Life & Leadership Academy and The Emergence of Competency-Based Leadership Training Through eLearning With Digital Badging: What We’ve Learned So Far
9 August 2018

This article explores the Charlie Life & Leadership Academy's purpose, design, build, initial data, and current feedback in order to understand what’s working, the challenges, and the opportunities for use by students and leadership educators. Read the article by Bruce Jackson, then watch the supplemental interview between Bruce and Lisa Endersby. 

Martin WolskePerspectives on Digital Leadership Development From Technology Education
14 June 2018

How might educators, integrate technology more thoughtfully into their pedagogy and practice around leadership development in ways that support and empower not just their students, but the groups and organizations they serve? Considerations and examples from the field of technology education, which utilizes a critical sociotechnical framework, are shared to help expand our understanding of technology and how to better support an incorporation of technology that is person-centered, reflective, and responsive to the needs of individuals and groups. Read the article by Kirstin Phelps and Martin Wolske, then watch the supplemental interview between them and Dan Jenkins. 

Virginia ByrneFostering Social Presence in the Online Classroom: Helping Students Meet Affective Learning Objectives
26 April 2018

Do your online students see you as a real person? Virginia Byrne starts off her article with this provocative question then delves into strategies the best online leadership teachers are using to overcome the dehumanization that can occur behind the screen. Read the article by Virginia Byrne, then watch the supplemental interview between Virginia and Lisa Endersby. 

Ramiro de la RosaGamifying an Online Leadership Studies Course
15 March 2018

Recent scholarly findings indicate that the use of gamification in education can promote learning and deepen student understanding by supporting diverse learning styles through the inclusion of principles of good design. Finding just the right mix of pedagogy and technology for developing online courses can be difficult but not impossible. This article describes how leveraging gamification elements can motivate and engage students. Readers will examine gamified elements, and discover gamification as a promising new pedagogy for fully online leadership courses. Read the article by Ramiro de la Rosa, then watch the supplemental interview between Ramiro and Lisa Endersby. 

Naliyah KayaDigital Stories in Leadership Education: Centering on the Voices of Students
15 February 2018

Digital storytelling is a multimodal approach to learning that promotes critical reflection, meaning-making, and perspective-taking. Digital stories encourage students to use personal narrative and lived experiences to explore, examine, and communicate beliefs and assumptions about leadership. This article shares the intrapersonal and interpersonal benefits of introducing digital stories in the leadership classroom and provides an overview of a digital story assignment utilized in an identity-based leadership course. Read the article by Natasha H. Chapman and Naliyah Kaya, then watch the supplemental interview between them and Dan Jenkins. 

Cover of New Book - The Role of Leadership Educators - Transforming LearningThe Role of Leadership Educators: Transforming Learning
25 January 2018

Dan Jenkins and Kathy Guthrie discuss the impetus behind their new book and provide an overview of what readers can expect. In the first half of the book, two working models are proposed in which the learner is critically aware and understands their own thought progressions about the leadership process and the learning of leadership. The second half presents intentional, effective instructional and assessment strategies that act as a vehicle for transforming learners’ leadership and followership experiences into meaningful leadership education. Read the article by Dan Jenkins and Kathy Guthrie, then watch the supplemental interview between them and Lisa Endersby. 


Martinella DryburghCreative Placemaking and the Relational Leadership Model
14 December 2017

Experiential learning opportunities, such as semester-long group projects, are an integral part of leadership education. Using an arts and culture project during a winter mini-semester class proved to be an appropriate pedagogical tool to engage students with the Relational Leadership Model. This article describes how the class was created and what students learned about how they can be effective community leaders through relationship-building. Read the article, then watch the supplemental interview between Martinella and Lisa Endersby. 

Amber Manning-OuelletteFinding and Sustaining Voices in Leadership: Strategies for Women in STEM
16 November 2017

Amber Manning-Ouellette and Katherine Friesen share strategies for women college students in STEM majors to develop their voice and leadership capacity and the role leadership education plays in enhancing learning and future career outcomes for women in STEM. Read the article, then watch the supplemental interview between Amber, Katherine, and Lisa Endersby. 

Barbara CrosbyTeaching Leadership via Heart, Head, and Hands
12 October 2017

Barbara Crosby discusses her new book Teaching Leadership: An Integrative Approach. Learn more about the book's five essential leadership practices, which she approaches with "heart, head, and hands." Read the article, then watch the supplemental interview between Crosby and Dan Jenkins. 

Brittany Adams-PopeStraight From the Horse’s Mouth: Leadership Lessons From the Field
14 September 2017

Brittany Adams-Pope discusses equine-facilitated learning and what we can learn about leadership, followership, and authenticity when we interact with horses as an educational tool. Read the article, then watch the supplemental interview between Brittany and Dan Jenkins. 

Linda LambertA Critical Examination of Leadership
10 August 2017

Linda Lambert discusses her work in Constructivist Leadership, the evolution of leadership thinking over the past 25 years and tips from her latest book, Liberating Leadership Capacity: Pathways to Educational Wisdom. Read the article, then watch the supplemental interview between Linda and Lisa Endersby. 

Amy BarnesConsultation Projects: Engaging Students in Meaningful Group Experiences
13 July 2017

"As a faculty member who teaches leadership studies courses, I am familiar with the collective groan that occurs when introducing the dreaded GROUP PROJECT on my course syllabus. Students immediately conjure up images of past group projects where members 'never complete their fair share of work.' Knowing that this apprehension could lead to a lack of appreciation for collaboration, I was determined to design a challenging, engaging (dare I say, fun?), practical project that students would talk about in future job interviews as a positive group learning experience." Read the article by Amy C. Barnes, then watch the supplemental interview between Amy and Lisa Endersby. 

Linnette Werner, David Hellstrom, and Krista M. SoriaIntentional Emergence Teaching and Learning: A Contemporary and Compassionate Pedagogy for Teaching Leadership
15 June 2017

Leadership learning is not only lifelong but lifewide, meaning that it happens in every sphere of our lives. One of the challenges leadership educators must address is how to bridge theory and practice so that learning can transfer from one context to another. Within our context, we found that undergraduates seldom had the lived experiences necessary to make the leadership jump from the classroom to the real world. In response, we created a new, more comprehensive pedagogy to address these gaps. Read the article by Linnette Werner, David Hellstrom, and Krista M. Soria, then watch the supplemental interview between Linnette, David, and Dan Jenkins . 

Mikinari HiganoCorporate Clients as Mentors in Project-Based Learning
13 April 2017

Examine various aspects and changes in the role of corporate companies in project-based leadership courses. Some leadership courses at the university feature group projects wherein corporate clients or sponsors are invited to participate in the course. They are referred to as “clients” because they ask the student groups questions as if the students were their consultants. They are sometimes referred to as “sponsors” because they offer financial support for the program. Read the article by Mikinari Higano of Waseda University in Tokyo, then watch the supplemental interview between Lisa Endersby and Mikinari. 

Lindsay HastingsDeveloping Generativity Through Leadership Education: Mentoring as Pedagogical Tool
9 March 2017

Considering the sizeable transfers of wealth and leadership in the coming decades, many of our students will be rising to senior roles at a young age in an era that demands socially responsible leadership. As leadership educators, it is imperative to consider how we might facilitate leadership learning in generativity to prepare our students for this unique set of circumstances. Mentoring has emerged as an important variable in the development of generativity and could serve as a valuable pedagogical tool. Read the article by Lindsay Hastings, then watch the supplemental interview between Dan Jenkins and Lindsay. 

Robben IslandA Multiplier Effect: Group Study Abroad and Expressive Arts as Leadership Pedagogy
9 February 2017

When faculty combine several high-impact pedagogical practices, a powerful multiplying effect can be seen that creates an impactful learning environment. This article describes a study abroad service learning program that utilizes the expressive arts as a core pedagogical technique. We believe that adding expressive arts into the study abroad experience has produced a robust pedagogical arena in which students’ potential for shared leadership and learning is dramatically enhanced. Read the article by Mary Anne Peabody and Tara Grey Coste, then watch the supplemental interview between Lisa Endersby, Mary Anne, and Tara. 

Lisa EndersbyLearning as Leaders: Creating an Online Community of Practice for Leadership Educators
12 January 2017

The online spaces and places we create for learning are not meant to be populated only by students. Values in the field, including lifelong learning and community building, are integral to the continued growth of the profession. These long-held values are now meeting rapid innovation and change, which has never been more apparent than in our use of digital learning technologies. This article explores pedagogical questions and strategies for online communities of practice as venues for meaningful leadership education. Read the article by Lisa Endersby, then watch the supplemental interview between Lisa and Dan Jenkins.


Collegiate Leadership CompetitionCollegiate Leadership Competition: Past, Present, and Future
November 2016

No amount of talking about leadership will help students get better at leading others. Thus the Collegiate Leadership Competition, a kind of Leadership Olympics, was born. The entire program was built around the idea of creating a practice field that would foster extensive personal and professional leadership development. Dan Jenkins, Scott Allen, Arthur Schwartz, and Bela Krizanovic discuss the history behind the Collegiate Leadership Competition and what it has accomplished in this transcribed interview.

Rian SatterwhiteApplying a Critical Frame to Co-Curricular Practice
September 2016

This article reflects on how co-curricular leadership development and service-learning programming can align with and benefit from a critical theory lens, even when the program has not been designed with this perspective in mind. Read the article by Rian Satterwhite, then watch the supplemental interview with Rian and Lisa Endersby.

Kathy GuthrieExpanding Leadership Education: Teaching Service-Learning Online
July 2016

Integration of leadership and service-learning in leadership focused courses online is relatively new.  It enables instruction to extend to anywhere in the world. The potential impact reaches beyond the classroom as students from diverse backgrounds collectively investigate community development within the framework of leadership, civic engagement, social action, and making positive change. This article provides practical strategies in developing an online service-learning course, as well as successes and challenges from experience teaching such classes. Read the article by Kathy Guthrie, then watch the supplemental interview with Kathy and Lisa Endersby.

Dan JenkinsThe Dynamics of Inclusive Leadership Education: Discussion as Leadership Pedagogy
May 2016

Recent research suggests that leadership educators are modeling inclusiveness by facilitating learning environments that utilize discussion based pedagogies more so than any other instructional strategy (Jenkins, 2012 & 2013). Moreover, this trend extends beyond the classroom to online environments (Jenkins, 2016). Read the article by Dan Jenkins that launched the monthly PAUSE for Pedagogy column.