Resource Rewind: Exploring the Archives of the International Leadership Association
19 March 2020
We hope you’re staying safe and healthy during the global COVID-19 crisis. Towards our continuing priority to provide trusted resources and create trusted spaces for leadership learning, this special Resource Rewind offers you useful ideas and perspectives on crisis leadership, teaching leadership online, and perseverance.

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Margaret Wheatley

If we want to be among those who keep their heads above water, those who can continue to serve the relentless needs of this troubled time, we need to pay close attention to how we are affected by the increasing demands, chaos, and uncertainty that are now commonplace. In this Leadership Perspectives webinar, internationally acclaimed speaker and ILA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Margaret Wheatley presents a personal guide for those who seek to persevere; those who hope that their work and life contribute to making things better for the people, issues, and places they love.
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Virginia Byrne
Fostering Social Presence Online

Do your online students see you as a real person? Virginia Byrne starts off "Fostering Social Presence in the Online Classroom: Helping Students Meet Affective Learning Objectives" with this provocative question then delves into strategies the best online leadership teachers are using to overcome the dehumanization that can occur behind the screen. Make sure your students feel a sense of belonging as you move online. Read the article by Virginia Byrne, then watch the supplemental interview between Virginia and Lisa Endersby.
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The Politics of Crisis Management: Public Leadership Under Pressure Book Cover
The Politics of Crisis Management

Behind-the-Pages interview with Paul 't Hart on his award-winning book The Politics of Crisis Management: Public Leadership Under Pressure. The book examines how leaders deal with the strategic challenges they face, the political risks and opportunities they encounter, the errors they make, the pitfalls they need to avoid, and the paths away from crisis they may pursue. Bonus for ILA Members! Log in and Download Chapter 1, "Crisis Management in Political Systems: Five Leadership Challenges."
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Cover of The Four Highly Effective Stages of Crisis Management
Showing Leadership in a Crisis

In this Leadership Perspectives Webinar, Crisis management expert, Jane Jordan-Meier shares her insights and research from her book, The Four Highly Effective Stages of Crisis Management. The webinar delves into how a leader connects with stakeholders in a compelling, compassionate manner, the essential characteristics of a leader in a crisis (including body language), and the role of the front-line leadership in a crisis.
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