Resource Rewind: Exploring the Archives of the International Leadership Association
31 March 2021
The theme of this year's International Women's Day earlier this month was #ChooseToChallenge. As the IWD website points out, "We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements." This month's Resource Rewind honors that theme with its focus on Women and Leadership.

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Joanne Barnes at #ILA2019Global
Joanne Barnes: Global Leader

Let's start this issue by celebrating ILA board member, Joanne Barnes! In this profile from 2020, Barnes shares how she rose to be a senior leader in a male-dominated STEM field before women, especially African American women, were represented in significant numbers. She has since translated her leadership experience into educating and mentoring global leaders across generations.
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Photo of Author Yonjoo Cho
Asian Women in Leadership

Rewind to 2017 with Yonjoo Cho and Gary N. McLean discussing the challenges and opportunities for the development of women's leadership in Asia. Based on their book, Current Perspectives on Asian Women in Leadership, they touch on the ways culture, religion, and other contexts impact female leadership in Asia and they share their own powerful vision for gender equality in the workplace and at home.
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Maureen Metcalf and Sherylle J. Tan at #ILA2018Global
Women's Leadership Journeys

In this 2019 podcast, Maureen Metcalf interviews members Sherylle J. Tan and Lisa DeFrank-Cole on their book Women's Leadership Journeys: Stories, Research, and Novel Perspectives. The interview was taped, onsite, at ILA's 2018 global conference.
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Danièle Henkel
Coeur and Courage

In this throwback to our 2019 global conference, keynote speaker Danièle Henkel, Founder and CEO of Danièle Henkel Entreprises, shares her story of confronting systemic barriers and growing beyond the dynamics of dominant cultures, faith traditions, and marginalization. The introduction and keynote start at 16:15 in the video.
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Puppet in the Exhibition holding a Women Strike for Peace sign.
Disobedient Women Exhibition

Darlene Clover gives readers a behind-the-scenes tour of the exhibit she curated, Disobedient Women: Defiance, Resilience, and Creativity Past and Present, describing it as a coming together of art, politics, and resistance. The article is introduced by Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change Corner editor Susan J. Erenrich and includes a link to Erenrich's radio show, "Taking It to the Street," which aired after the 21 January 2017 Women’s March.

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Amanda Ellis
Why Women’s Leadership Matters

While women's lives have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, they are also often leading the way in “building forward better.” Many women entrepreneurs, for example, have responded to the incredible challenges with both grit and innovation, pivoting rapidly to cope with the impact of the crisis and help create better futures. Learn more in this August 2020 blog from the co-chair of ILA's 2021 global conference, Amanda Ellis.

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