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Top rightEmerging Scholars Research Consortium – An Exclusive Networking and Feedback Opportunity

Jill Schreider PhotoJill Schreider is a marketing and communications intern at the International Leadership Association. She is a communications major at the University of Maryland College Park and looks forward to a future working in public relations after graduating May 2018.

Emerging Scholar Applications for the 2018 10th annual Emerging Scholars Research Consortium are being accepted through 1 February. Apply via the 2018 global conference call for submissions system.

The Emerging Scholars Research Consortium (ESRC) is a unique mentoring opportunity that takes place at ILA’s global conference each year. The consortium is an exclusive opportunity for junior and senior leadership scholars to interact, foster collaboration, meet potential co-authors, and enrich the field of leadership studies. In addition to receiving general feedback from a group of senior scholars, each emerging scholar is also paired with one special scholar who provides in-depth feedback, advice, and fresh perspectives. The 2017 ESRC was sponsored by South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – XAMK.

Kathy GuthrieHosted by ILA’s Leadership Scholarship Member Interest Group (MIG), the Immediate Past-Chair of the MIG typically leads the ESRC selection process and coordination each year. Kathy Guthrie, Associate Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Florida State University, led the 2017 ESRC. “For Brussels, the ESRC selected 21 emerging scholars from 20 different universities out of an applicant pool of 65 people. We then invited 23 senior scholars who were good research fits to participate as mentors. It was a great opportunity for emerging scholars to present research through a poster to a group of seasoned scholars.”

As part of the ESRC follow-up and evaluation process, we spoke with participants of the 2017 consortium about their participation. As they reflected on their experiences, many shared their appreciation for the event, reasons for participating, and takeaways.

Maritza TorresMaritza Torres, a graduate student at Florida State University, shared that she wanted “to get external feedback and a fresh pair of eyes,” on her topic. She added, “Also, it was an amazing opportunity to practice my pitch and explain my topic to others.” In addition to gaining confidence in her topic after participating in this event, she appreciated the chance to present her research with a poster. She explained, “I can display this poster not only at ILA, but also at my institution. I use that poster now as a guiding tool as I continue my dissertation research.”

Amber Manning-Ouellette, who received her PhD in 2015 and is currently a faculty member in the Leadership Studies Program at Iowa State University, responded that she chose to participate as an emerging scholar in order to “increase my capacity as a researcher. As the academic study of leadership continues to progress, I see value in collaborating with other scholars to strengthen our voice as a field of scholarship.”

Barbara CrosbyThe junior scholars overwhelmingly mentioned to us the quality and importance of the advice they received from the participating senior scholars. “As a result of participating, I received invaluable first-hand expert guidance from current front-line authors concerning a primary foundation for my developing research proposal,” expressed Emily Harris from the University of Central Arkansas. “Experts [John] Bryson and [Barbara] Crosby [from the University of Minnesota] both invested significant time discussing with me the power of cross-sector collaboration that has helped tremendously to guide my efforts.” Nicole Ferry from Washington State University adds, “some of the feedback included small, minor fixes — things I would never have noticed on my own — while other comments challenged me to reimagine components of my work in ways that deepened my argument.”

ESRC as an incredible networking opportunity was mentioned by many. Maria Dezenberg, a junior scholar from Antioch University, remarked that she “appreciated how my senior scholar introduced me to other accomplished researchers who had similar interests. Alongside the networking opportunity, the ESRC experience helped me to refine how I articulate my research focus and its value.”

David GreenhalghIn addition to the guidance offered, emerging scholars appreciated the mental boost the event gave them. Ferry, for example, noted, “The mentors tell you to keep going and that your work is an important contribution. That is very motivating!” David Greenhalgh, a senior scholar and Professor Emeritus at Eastern University, agrees on the importance of motivation. David initiated and led the first consortium in 2009 when he was director of Eastern’s PhD in Organizational Leadership program and incoming MIG chair-elect. “I choose to participate,” he wrote, “because it serves emerging scholars who are at a critical stage in their early research efforts, typically their dissertation, by providing one on one engagement, insight, and encouragement.”

Heewon ChangThe concept of service and the obligation senior scholars feel towards the field was repeatedly mentioned by mentor-participants as a key factor in their participation. Joanne Ciulla, Professor & Director of the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School, commented that such guidance is critical to developing young scholars and the next generation of leadership professionals. On top of that, senior participants pointed out that it was fun! As Heewon Chang, Professor & Chair of Organizational Leadership at Eastern University, puts it, she has participated for several years as a mentor because “it is always invigorating to meet emerging scholars and hear of their exciting research projects!”

Get Involved in the 2018 Emerging Scholars Research Consortium

Misc PhotoEmerging Scholars can apply for the 10th annual Emerging Scholars Research Consortium via the 2018 global conference CFP system. Submissions will be accepted through 1 February 2018.

Senior Scholars can indicate their interest in volunteering as mentors when they submit their registration to the conference. Conference registration opens 15 April 2018.

Questions about the 2018 Emerging Scholars Research Consortium may be directed to the ESRC’s ILA staff coordinator, Debra DeRuyver, at dderuyver@ila-net.org.

Interested in sponsoring this event? Contact ILA Director of Conferences, Bridget Chisholm at 1.202.470.4818 x103 or bchisholm@ila-net.org.