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Field Reports Archive

The ILA newsletter's Field Reports column dives into the work of ILA members, sharing new knowledge and actionable nuggets of wisdom. Have an idea for a column? Contact Debra DeRuyver at

Is Chaos a GiftIs Chaos a Gift?
8 October 2021

In their provocative new book, ILA members Andrew Campbell and Ebben Van Zyl ask: Is Chaos a Gift? In this ILA Field Report, they walk us through some of the ways that leaders can view the outcomes and lessons learned while leading in VUCA environments as a gift.

A Celebration of Followership BookcoverA Celebration of Followership
29 July 2021

Ira Chaleff asks: What were those who research and write on leadership thinking about a quarter century ago? How was it similar or different to what you are thinking about now? Chaleff shares his insights into these and other questions in A Celebration of Followership: The Story in Documents of The Courageous Follower and the Followership Community.

What Stories are Living BookcoverThe Power of Leadership Narrative Intelligence
30 June 2021

The theme of this year’s ILA global conference calls us to Reimagine Leadership Together. For Carol Pearson, this is also a call to reimagine one’s own leadership. In this article, based on her book What Stories Are You Living, she discusses how a psychodynamic approach can encourage us to reflect and then act from the inside out.

Lead & Follow: The Dance of Inspired TeamworkLead & Follow: The Dance of Inspired Teamwork
30 April 2021

As Sharna Fabiano writes in her new book, "A dance floor may seem an unlikely source of insight for those studying teamwork. However, a closer look at the community-based practice of Argentine tango social dance reveals deep embodied wisdom around the relational nature of leadership." In this behind-the-pages article, Sharna shares practical tips to increase connection, collaboration, and co-creation in your organization.

Glocalization and the Development of a Hybrid Leadership Model BookcoverDeveloping Glocal Hybrid Leadership
25 March 2021

Qingyan Tian discusses her recent book Glocalization and the Development of a Hybrid Leadership Model: A Study of Chinese University Presidency. After briefly describing the model that emerged from her research, she illustrates the core characteristics of hybrid leadership using examples from her interviews.

Global Servant Leadership BookcoverGlobal Servant Leadership
18 February 2021

The editors of Global Servant Leadership: Wisdom, Love, and Legitimate Power in the Age of Chaos discuss the need to address some of the most significant leadership challenges of our time through the lens of global servant-leadership. The article also takes a deeper dive into the top ten characteristics of servant leadership.

We Are the leaders We've Been Waiting for: Women and Leadership Development in CollegeWe Are the Leaders
14 January 2021

How can colleges and universities best prepare women for the demands of modern leadership? In this article, ILA member Julie Owen shares seven key strategies based on her book, We Are the leaders We've Been Waiting for: Women and Leadership Development in College, which just received the 2021 Ruth Strang Research Award.

Marvelous and Kind KloeyMarvelous and Kind Kloey
10 December 2020

In this article, Kathy Guthrie shares the inspiration for her kids' series, Marvelous and Kind Kloey and how she moved from idea to published book. In the latest installment, Kloey and her friends learn about leadership. As Kathy shares, the book is not just for the children in your life, but also for you! The book has even been used in undergraduate and graduate level leadership classes.

Nannerl O. KeohaneWomen, Power, & Leadership
19 August 2020

Political philosopher and former President of Wellesley College and Duke University, Nannerl O. Keohane, takes a deep look into the formidable obstacles women still face when seeking leadership roles including the unfounded belief that few women want to hold significant leadership positions. Read this fascinating ILA field report, reprinted with permission from Daedalus.

Corey SeemillerDeveloping the Student Leadership Competencies
26 March 2020

Go behind the scenes of Corey Seemiller's journey to create the Student Leadership Competencies database and the abundance of rich materials that came out of that project including: The Student Leadership Competencies Inventory, assessment tools, models, curriculum, an app with digital badges, and the Trailblazer and Voyager student activity card decks. Over the past year, Corey has completely updated the database! At the end of the article, you'll find a helpful summary of the competencies with links to many free resources.

Sam WilsonThe Australian Leadership Index (ALI)
29 February 2020

Against a backdrop of unethical conduct, irresponsible leadership, and a distrust of business, public, and non-profit sector organizations, there is a pervasive sense that we are not being well served by authorities or the institutions they lead. Grounded in community and expert conceptions of the greater good and leadership for the greater good, and drawing on scholarly research into ethical, responsible, and integrative public leadership, the ALI offers a new model of leadership for the greater good that is germane to everyone.

Athena Rising BookcoverEngaging Men as Mentors for Women
1 June 2017

In their book Athena Rising, David G. Smith and W. Brad Johnson suggest that one reason companies haven't increased the proportion of women in key leadership positions is because men have not adequately engaged in the professional development and mentoring of women. They share their findings and eight practical strategies for increasing effective male mentorship of women.