The Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change Corner
Call for Proposals

Hi Everyone,

In January 2020, the Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change Corner entered its third year as an online series of journal articles for scholars, practitioners, educators, academics, and activists.  The focus is the intersection of grassroots, bottom-up, collective, collaborative, or horizontal leadership with the arts for social change. Categories include, but are not limited to: Grassroots Leadership & Cultural Activists in the Fine & Performing Arts; Grassroots Leadership, Participatory Democracy & the Role of the Arts in Social Movements; Theatre of the Oppressed as a Form of Grassroots Leadership; People Power, Community Building & the Arts for Social Change. If your work resonates with one or more of these themes, I’d like to invite you to submit a proposal to be one of the featured authors this year.  Email me your ideas at

If selected, final submissions should be between 2500 - 3500 words. Since the publication is digital, however, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. The writing should be accessible and engaging opposed to academic in nature. In the spirit of the topic, we are encouraging authors to write for a general audience. Having said this, however, this is still “scholarship” — not an op-ed article. I think of it as “Peoples’ Scholarship”. 

I look forward to hearing from some of you in the not so distant future. Thanks.



Susan J. ErenrichSusan (Susie) J. Erenrich is a social movement history documentarian. She uses the arts for social change to tell stories about transformational leadership, resilience, and societal shifts as a result of mobilization efforts by ordinary citizens. Susie holds a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University and is the founder/executive director of the Cultural Center for Social Change. She has more than four decades of experience in nonprofit/arts administration, civic engagement, community service, and community organizing and has taught at universities, public schools, and community-based programs for at-risk, low-income populations. Currently a professor at American University, she is the editor of  The Cost Of Freedom: Voicing A Movement After Kent State 1970; Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: An Anthology of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement and Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change (a volume in ILA's BLB series).  She is the producer/host of Wasn't That A Time: Stories & Songs That Moved The Nation, a live community radio broadcast on WERA.FM. Listen on-demand or live every Friday from 1:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern time.