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3 December 2018
Cynthia Cherrey With ILA Volunteer Tee
Leadership Monday!

Cynthia Cherrey meditates on the gift of giving of one's leadership and invites you to be "intentional and courageous" this week in your practice of leadership. As the theme for ILA’s 2019 annual global conference Leadership: Courage Required (CFP Closes 1 February 2019) espouses, “it takes courage to be a leader acting out in front and it takes courage to be a follower acting with integrity and holding leaders accountable.”
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Summer Odom
PAUSE for Pedagogy

In this edition of PAUSE for Pedagogy, Summer Odom and Valerie McKee discuss a project-assignment in which their online leadership students "synthesize leadership concepts by comparing and contrasting their personalities, interests, beliefs, and capacities with a leader in the media or popular press." Be sure to watch the supplemental video interview with Dan Jenkins (series co-editor) for a deeper dive.
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Carolyn Hester
Allies & Accompaniment

Editor Susan Erenrich discusses the life of Carolyn Hester, ally of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, in this Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change Corner. Hester, a folk singer, "accompanied the freedom struggle in vital ways." After a short intro by Erenrich, Hester shares some early childhood reflections that shaped her passion for the Movement. Be sure to stream Erenrich's radio show, celebrating Hester's 80th birthday, while you read.
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Doug Lindsay
Leading a Leadership Journal's Rebirth

Meet Doug Lindsay, ILA Member and Editor in Chief of the new Journal of Character & Leadership Development, sponsored by the Center for Character and Leadership Development at the United States Air Force Academy. Lindsay takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of this journal's history and addresses the purpose of the journal, the types of scholarship that will be published, and details on how to submit scholarly work for consideration.

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2019 ILA Annual Global Conference - Leadership: Courage Required - CFP Deadline 1 February 2019
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