Building Leadership Bridges SeriesBuilding Leadership Bridges Selection Results Are In - Call for Abstracts for First Volume Due 15 May!  

ILA’s Building Leadership Bridges series publishes work on a wide range of leadership topics at the nexus of leadership theory and practice all with the same goal of advancing the ILA’s mission of deepening the leadership conversation and sparking insights that move people’s thoughts and actions in ways that benefit individuals and communities worldwide. The series is published by Emerald Publishing.

We recently underwent a call for book proposals for our next volumes in the series. We received 13 proposals from editors on four continents: Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. Each proposal carefully described the book's appeal and contribution to the literature while also discussing possible structure, contributors, etc. The variety of topics and the passion people had for them was inspiring!

In order to narrow down the choices, we solicited ILA member volunteers to engage in a double-blind peer review of the proposals. We purposefully sought a cross-section of reviewers broadly in parallel to our 15 member communities. The ILA serves members around the world from many different sectors utilizing a variety of leadership methodologies, approaches, and practices. Though we recognize that no one book can fulfill every desire of our diverse membership (which is why we have been working to expand the series and offer members more choices), this strategy gives us insights into how a particular book might be received, on the whole, by ILA members.

We deeply appreciate the work of the reviewers who read every proposal, assigned each a grade and rank, recommended (or not) publication, and completed a 10-question feedback form on each. This was quite an undertaking! Results were compiled and the blind reviews of the top proposals were then shared with ILA’s leadership team and our editor at Emerald.

In this article, ILA is pleased to announce one of the selections that will be published at the end of 2019: Peace, Reconciliation and Social Justice Leadership in the 21st Century: The Role of Leaders and Followers. This book, edited by H. Eric Schockman, Aldo Boitano de Moras, and Vanessa Hernández, will “examine the conditions and ethical, foundational basis for leaders and followers in making peace, examine post-conflict situations around the world, and study how and why reconciliation and forgiveness can transpire.” Eric and Aldo are veterans of the series, having been selected for the Breaking the Zero-Sum Game volume in 2015.

“We are ecstatic and honored to be chosen by our peers to edit an important forthcoming Building Leadership Bridges volume titled: Peace, Reconciliation and Social Justice Leadership in the 21st Century: The Role of Leaders and Followers,” shared Vanessa, Aldo, and Eric. “The timing of this endeavor could not be more critical in providing an alternative voice for world leaders and followers of peace building, reconciliation, and social justice, even as we sense a foreboding distant beating of war drums. We invite you to submit an abstract for consideration by 15 May and we look forward to this journey together with our contributing authors and our friends at ILA and Emerald Publishing as we plant a new flag in the ground of renewal and dedication to a better world.“

If you are interested in making a contribution to this book, the editors are currently soliciting short, 250-500 word chapter abstracts. Read the complete call and submit your abstract by 15 May!

We will be announcing the second selection in a few weeks!

Finally, we wish to thank everyone who submitted a proposal to this selection round. We honor that work by sharing proposals with Emerald that are not selected (one proposal has already signed a stand-alone contract with Emerald!), suggesting other potential outlets (within ILA and externally) for their work, and providing compiled feedback from the reviewer sheets in the hopes that the editor will revise and resubmit to BLB in the future.

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