Interface. The name evokes those spaces and boundaries where our work reaches out and touches another’s - where theory and practice meet, shake hands, and learn from one another. It honors the fact that the ILA’s membership includes people located in many, and often multiple, independent systems who all Interface in the ILA around their commitment to foster better leadership worldwide. Distributed once or twice a month, Interface shares articles highlighting association news and work being done by other ILA members. 

ILA Interface - The Newsletter of the International Leadership Association
19 August 2020
Cynthia Cherrey
Leadership for Humanity

Anáhuac University’s Center for Leadership Studies invited Cynthia Cherrey (ILA President & CEO), Domènec Melé (Chair of Business Ethics at IESE), and Gabriel Ginebra (Managing Partner of ARISE Culture & People) to share their views about leadership for humanity and the challenges of moving an organization forward without forgetting that people’s wellbeing also deserves to be prioritized. Read this article, translated from the original Spanish, or follow the link from the article to the Spanish.
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Joe Lasley
Level-Up Your Pedagogy

In this PAUSE for Pedagogy article, Joe Lasley (Assistant Professor of Leadership and Organizational Studies at the University of Southern Maine) discusses "Gamenamic Leadership: How Game Design Can Level-Up Leadership Pedagogy." Using phenomenological framework of leadership that applies development and creativity through gaming, games can serve as concrete play experiences that enable learning and development for players and researchers alike. Read the article, then watch the video interview with Joe and PAUSE co-editor Lisa Endersby.
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Kehkashan Basu
Making the World a Better Place

Youth leader Kehkashan Basu (Founder & President of Green Hope Foundation) has a mission to make the world a better place. Read our interview with the youngest recipient of Canada's top 25 women of influence and follow the links to her book, her organization's upcoming live streams on women's leadership and the climate crisis, and the video recording of the ILA plenary panel she participated in.
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Reggie Harris
A Leader Among Leaders

Grassroots Leadership and the Arts for Social Change Corner editor, Susie Erenrich, invited Reggie Harris on to her radio show to discuss his role teaching people, through stories and song, about the legacy of race and racism in the United States. Reggie is a teaching artist for the John F. Kennedy Center’s Changing Education Through the Arts program, a Woodrow Wilson Scholar, and the Director of Music Education for the Unitarian Universalist Living Legacy Project. Read the interview and listen to Reggie's music by following the link to the radio show within.
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Nan Keohane
Women, Power, & Leadership

Political philosopher and former President of Wellesley College and Duke University, Nannerl O. Keohane, takes a deep look into the formidable obstacles women still face when seeking leadership roles including the unfounded belief that few women want to hold significant leadership positions. Read this fascinating ILA field report, reprinted with permission from Daedalus.
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Lauren EdelmanMentoring Students in High Stakes Roles

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Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change

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John FlynnThe Song I Didn't Play

John Flynn, an American singer-songwriter and grassroots leader, writes a moving first-person narrative of his work with New Beginnings - Next Step, a nonprofit that helps incarcerated and returning citizens to successfully transition from prison to freedom in the U.S. This deeply reflective piece discusses mutuality and hope and the powerful experience of being present in each other's lives. The article is introduced by Grassroots and the Arts for Social Change corner editor Susan J. Erenrich.

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Global & Culturally Diverse Leadership in the 21st Century

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Jean Lau ChinIn Memory of Jean Lau Chin

On 13 May 2020, the ILA lost a great warrior for leadership, equity, and diversity to COVID-19. Jean Lau Chin was the co-editor of ILA's 2017 book Global and Culturally Diverse Leaders and Leadership: New Dimensions and Challenges for Business, Education and Society as well as the co-editor of a regular column on Global & Culturally Diverse Leadership for this newsletter. In fact, one of the last articles Jean published was “Crisis Leadership During the Coronavirus Pandemic and Xenophobia,” which came out in the 26 March 2020 Interface newsletter. In this tribute, Jean's co-editor Joseph Trimble and colleague Josephine Tan describe Jean's legacy.

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