Interface. The name evokes those spaces and boundaries where our work reaches out and touches another’s - where theory and practice meet, shake hands, and learn from one another. It honors the fact that the ILA’s membership includes people located in many, and often multiple, independent systems who all Interface in the ILA around their commitment to foster better leadership worldwide. Distributed once or twice a month, Interface shares articles highlighting association news and work being done by other ILA members. 

ILA Interface - The Newsletter of the International Leadership Association
18 February 2021
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Join ILA's Board

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the ILA, comprised of a team of accomplished professionals who are responsible for and committed to ensuring the organization’s mission of “Advancing leadership knowledge and practice for a better world” is carried out. The Board has important oversight responsibilities for the financial health, growth, and sustainability of ILA. The selection of new governance leaders is essential for future accomplishments. If you are interested in being reviewed for board appointment, please consider applying by 12 March 2021.
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Paying It Forward

Congratulations to Dr. John Hinck and Dr. Steven Davis, Winners of ILA's 2020 Most Publishable Leadership Education Paper Award sponsored by SAGE Publishing. Learn more about their award-winning paper and their decision to donate their winnings to ILA's International Student Case Competition. Interested in being considered for the 2021 Most Publishable Leadership Education Paper Award? Submit a paper to the Leadership Education stream of #ILA2021Global, Reimagining Leadership Together by 28 February 2021.
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Cover of Global Servant Leadrship
Global Servant Leadership

The editors of Global Servant Leadership: Wisdom, Love, and Legitimate Power in the Age of Chaos discuss the need to address some of the most significant leadership challenges of our time through the lens of global servant-leadership. The article also takes a deeper dive into the top ten characteristics of servant leadership.
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Abstract Photo of Inquiry
PAUSE for Pedagogy

In this PAUSE for Pedagogy, a diverse team of eight leadership educators from higher education institutions across the U.S. describe their co-inquiry process, share reflections on their learning, and offer considerations for application in other professional contexts. As they discovered, "The 2020 dual pandemics of COVID-19 and racism challenged everyone to do things differently. For leadership educators, this meant shifts in how we teach, connect with students, understand our role in making change in our institutions and communities, and navigate our own personal change."
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Picture of paper boats heading North on a compass
Good People Need Good Leaders

In ILA's latest blog post, Katherine Tyler Scott explores what it means to be a good person and the need for more leaders who understand what it really means to be good – leaders with integrity and empathy who can help resolve conflict rather than exploit it for their own narcissistic gains.
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Bill Perlman
Interview With Bill Perlman

In this Grassroots Leadership and the Arts for Social Change Corner, read this engaging transcript of Corner editor Susan J. Erenrich's interview with Bill Perlman discussing his time as a guitarist with the SNCC Freedom Singers. As Susie shares, "In the early and mid-1960s, the SNCC Freedom Singers educated audiences through their lyrics about segregation in the South and the brutality committed against those who tried to dismantle the system. These men were soldiers in a domestic war. Music was their most powerful weapon." The interview also contains a link to an episode of Susie's radio show Wasn't That A Time featuring songs related to "Remembering SNCC Freedom Singers Matthew & Marshall Jones."
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 Cover of Daily Leadership Development
Becoming a Better Leader

“Great leaders are great learners” is often quoted but how can leaders implement this into their very hectic day? Ron Riggio has created a year-long leadership development guidebook that offers day-by-day instruction in short excerpts to provide leaders with knowledge and practical application ideas. Ron joins ILA Fellow Maureen Metcalf on her Innovating Leadership podcast to discuss his new book, Daily Leadership Development, his 2020 ILA Lifetime Achievement Award, and his views on the current state of leadership.
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Power of Purpose Logo
Bob Quinn to Keynote POP III

We're pleased to announce that Dr. Bob Quinn, leading scholar and author of The Economics of Higher Purpose will be keynoting the Power of Purpose III: Measuring the Economics of Purpose summit this April. At Power of Purpose III, top executives and leadership scholars will gather to develop a model for the measurement of purpose’s impact on traditional business metrics including growth, revenue and profit, engagement, customer satisfaction, and client and employee retention. Registration is now open.

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ILA's 2021 Women and Leadership Colloquium
Women & Leadership Colloquium

Self-Nominations to participate in ILA's 2021 Women & Leadership Virtual Colloquium are now being taken. The deadline is 28 February. The team is seeking participants who are committed to creating new knowledge/s in the field and implementing new leadership research initiatives. Participation will be limited to 56 individuals who are committed to working within a team of seven to develop an ongoing research and publishing agenda.

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ILA Newsletter Opportunities

Would you like to appear in ILA's Interface newsletter in 2021? Check out these opportunities.

1) Calls for Submissions to:

Global & Culturally Diverse Leadership in the 21st Century;

Grassroots Leadership and the Arts for Social Change Corner; and

PAUSE for Pedagogy

2) Internship Opportunity: PAUSE for Pedagogy editors are seeking a virtual intern for five hours per week. Apply by 4 March.

3) Call for Columns: Have an idea for a new monthly column? Contact Debra DeRuyver at to discuss your idea.
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Recent Columns From Past Issues

Newsletter Column
Featured Author Interviews

Go behind-the-pages of the latest leadership books with these featured author interviews.

Ethical Leadership: A PrimerEthical Leadership: A Primer

JoAnn Barbour interviews editors Robert McManus, Alexandra Perry, and Stan Ward on their ethics textbook for leadership scholars and practitioners. This wide-ranging interview covers behind-the-page tips on creating an edited text book as well as the book's structure and content, which presents basic ethical theories within a leadership context

Newsletter Column
Exploring Leadership

Join host Kathryn Goldman Schuyler for these video interviews as she talks with leaders whose creativity, depth, and vision bring leadership to life.

Rhonda MageeExploring Leadership - A Conversation With Rhonda Magee

In this episode of Exploring Leadership, Kathryn Goldman Schuyler interviews Rhonda V. Magee, Professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law and author of The Inner Work of Racial Justice: Healing Ourselves and Transforming our Communities Through Mindfulness. Rhonda Magee is among a small number of thought leaders who have been powerfully speaking out about how mindfulness and other contemplative practices need to be part of leadership development and part of all professional development.

Newsletter Column
PAUSE for Pedagogy

Edited by Dan Jenkins and Lisa Endersby, each article adds to readers' pedagogical toolboxes and is accompanied by a video interview.

Love to LearnLeadership and...

PAUSE editors Lisa Endersby and Dan Jenkins talk about what this year's theme, "Leadership and..." revealed about leadership pedagogy and the truly interdisciplinary field of leadership. The pair are currently seeking articles for their 2021 theme, "Transforming Leadership Education for Virtual Spaces." View the complete call for articles at the end of their reflection.

View Complete Interview Archive or explore past issues of Interface for more. View the Exploring Leadership Archive  or explore past issues of Interface for more. View the PAUSE for Pedagogy Archive  or visit past issues of Interface for more.

Newsletter Column
Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change

Each month, column editor Susan J. Erenrich introduces readers to the work of artists leading grassroots movements of protest, resistance, and liberation. Columns are frequently accompanied by podcasts from Erenrich's weekly radio show Wasn't That A Time: Stories & Songs That Moved The Nation. Listen on-demand or live every Friday from 1:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern time at WERA.FM.

Grassroots ColumnGrassroots Leader Pete Seeger

Magpie visits corner editor Susan J. Erenrich at her studio to discuss legendary singer-songwriter-folklorist-activist Pete Seeger. Magpie had a long-term personal and musical relationship with Seeger. Learn more about Seeger's environmental leadership and more in this Grassroots Leadership and the Arts for Social Change Corner with an introduction by Erenrich. In addition to the transcription of their interview, readers are invited to listed to the interview via the link to the show.

Newsletter Column
Global & Culturally Diverse Leadership in the 21st Century

Each month, column editors Jean Lau Chin and Joseph E. Trimble explore culturally diverse leadership. They will share research findings from a network of international leadership scholars, contribute to understanding successful leadership in unique cultural settings, and capture the effectiveness diverse leadership can have in the world at large.

Peace ColumnPeace Leadership & Cultural Diversity

"The combination of globalization and changing world demographics is producing conflicts worldwide. Leadership models and skills that can be applied toward achieving peace within and between nations are urgently needed." Antonio Jimenez-Luque and Joseph Trimble's delve into "Peace Leadership and Cultural Diversity: Considerations for Our Common Future" for ILA's Global & Culturally Diverse Leadership in the 21st Century column.

Newsletter Column
Field Reports

The ILA newsletter's Field Reports column dives into the work of ILA members, sharing new knowledge and actionable nuggets of wisdom. Have an idea for a column? Contact Debra DeRuyver at

We Are the leaders We've Been Waiting for: Women and Leadership Development in College BookcoverWe Are the Leaders

How can colleges and universities best prepare women for the demands of modern leadership? In this article, ILA member Julie Owen shares seven key strategies based on her book, We Are the leaders We've Been Waiting for: Women and Leadership Development in College, which just received the 2021 Ruth Strang Research Award.

View the Grassroots Leadership Archive or explore past issues of Interface. View the Global & Culturally Diverse Archive or explore past issues of Interface. View the Field Reports Archive or explore past issues of Interface.