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Interface. The name evokes those spaces and boundaries where our work touches each other’s. Where theory and practice meet, shake hands, and learn from one another. It honors the fact that the ILA’s membership includes people located in many, and often multiple, independent systems — scholars and researchers, educators and students, coaches and consultants, NGO and public leaders, administrators and executives — who all Interface in the ILA around their commitment to fostering better leadership worldwide. Distributed every second and fourth Thursday, Interface shares articles highlighting association news and work being done by other ILA members. Regular columns include, among others, our behind-the-pages leadership Author Interviews, PAUSE for Pedagogy, Method Moments, Member Spotlights, and Field Reports. If you have an idea for an article in Interface, please email ILA Communications Director Debra DeRuyver at

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ILA Interface - The Newsletter of the International Leadership Association
13 September 2018
Cover of Professionalizing Leadership
Professionalizing Leadership

Dennis Roberts calls Barbara Kellerman’s new book Professionalizing Leadership, “a kick in the intellectual pants.” Read this dynamic conversation between Roberts, someone who spent his life working in leadership education, and Kellerman, leadership’s provocateur-in-chief. Kellerman will also be giving a keynote on “Standards” at ILA’s upcoming conference this October in West Palm Beach. Learn more here and view her video invitation to the event.
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Chellie Spiller delivers a TEDx talk
Embodied Authentic Leadership

Don’t miss this special preconference workshop on Wednesday 24 October, hosted by #ILA2018WPB keynote speaker Donna Ladkin and program co-chair Chellie Spiller, which will offer a unique opportunity for participants to explore the central role their bodies play in creating an experience of authentic leadership. Register for as little as $45 (registration to the conference as a whole is NOT required) and enjoy an in-depth, intensive experience with these two authentic leadership experts. Learn more about Donna in this recent interview and about Chellie from a TEDx talk.
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Photo of Jackie Bruce
PAUSE for Pedagogy

“Leadership PhotoVoice: Application in Action” Jackie Bruce takes you into an online classroom utilizing PhotoVoice as a tool to understand and make meaning of abstract leadership theories. Read the actual assignment and a sample response received along with tips on how to utilize PhotoVoice in your own leadership classroom. The article is accompanied by a video interview between Jackie and Dan Jenkins, column editor.
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Performer at Peoples' Voice Cafe
Peoples’ Voice Cafe

In this month's Grassroots Leadership and the Arts for Social Change column, Stephen Suffet takes readers behind the scenes at the Peoples' Voice Cafe, a unique “volunteer run, collectively governed” organization that "provides a platform for the artistic expression of a wide variety of humanitarian matters and concerns." Suffet discusses recent transitions such as the creation of a board of directors and their impact on the cafe's practice of horizontal leadership.
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ILA Lima Highlights!

ILA’s topical conferences provide an opportunity to create spaces for topic-specific leadership dialogue and discourse as well as pathways for new knowledge and innovative practice to be explored and new connections to be made. Read about the conference, explore links to resources, and meet some of the ILA members whose curiosity, creativity, courage, and compassion bring to life the idea of bridging theory and practice to create a deeper understanding of leadership for the greater good. If you’re planning to attend #ILA2018WPB, be sure to attend the Latin Leadership Global Scholars Networking Dinner to join and continue the conversation!
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