Interface. The name evokes those spaces and boundaries where our work reaches out and touches another’s - where theory and practice meet, shake hands, and learn from one another. It honors the fact that the ILA’s membership includes people located in many, and often multiple, independent systems who all Interface in the ILA around their commitment to foster better leadership worldwide. Distributed, on average, twice a month, Interface shares articles highlighting association news and work being done by other ILA members. 

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ILA Interface - The Newsletter of the International Leadership Association
28 March 2019
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Upcoming Webinars

ILA's Leadership Perspectives Webinars bring you the best leadership tips, tools, and resources. ILA members enjoy free access to all webinars - live and on demand - while non-members are welcome to attend for only $29.95 per webinar. Upcoming webinars include April's "Managing #MeToo: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly" with consultant Jeanne Martinson and May's "How to Get Published in an Academic Journal" with presenter Patti Davis, a Senior Publisher with Emerald.
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Sisterfire singers at Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2018
Roadwork, 1978-2018

Amy Horowitz, co-founder of Roadwork and the Sisterfire festival, discusses the powers and perils of coalition as she takes us "there and back again" from the founding of Roadwork to it's 40th anniversary celebration as part of the 2018 Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Throughout the article she deftly moves between academic, music industry, and social justice arts networks. As you read this month's Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change Corner be sure to listen to the accompanying radio show by editor Susan Erenrich.
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 Nyasha M. GuramatunhuCooper, Facilitator at ILA's Leadership Education Academy
Teaching Leadership at the Nexus

As a Leadership Education Academy (LEA) Graduate returning to LEA as a facilitator, Nyasha GuramatunhuCooper has a unique perspective on all that LEA has to offer. Her goal as an educator has been to teach leadership from a global perspective at the nexus of cultural and social contexts. Without these theoretical frameworks and concepts that are inclusive of different ways of knowing and being, the impact and growth of a discipline can be limited and limiting. Learn more about her journey and what you can expect at ILA's Leadership Education Academy this August in Denver. Registration is limited to the first 72 people. Register now - don't delay!
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Leadership Education Snapshots

In this new column ILA members Kathy Guthrie and Jennifer Batchelder explore research findings on leadership education programs in the United States based on research conducted by the Leadership Learning Research Center (LLRC) at Florida State University in partnership with the International Leadership Association. This month’s column examines the history of ILA’s Leadership Education Program database and ILA’s partnership with LLRC. A general overview of the research findings thus far along with forthcoming questions is shared.
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The ILA is the largest worldwide community committed to leadership scholarship, development, and practice. We accomplish our mission to advance leadership knowledge and practice for a better world through the synergy that occurs by bringing together our members and partners; collectively having a multiplier impact on leadership and change. For twenty years the ILA has convened extraordinary talent across sectors, cultures, disciplines, and generations. Learn more at

Recent Columns From Past Issues

Newsletter Column
Featured Author Interviews

Go behind-the-pages of the latest leadership books with these featured author interviews.

Professionalizing Leadership by Barbara KellermanProfessionalizing Leadership

Dennis Roberts calls Barbara Kellerman’s new book Professionalizing Leadership, “a kick in the intellectual pants.” Read this dynamic conversation between Roberts, someone who spent his life working in leadership education, and Kellerman, leadership’s provocateur-in-chief. 

Newsletter Column
Exploring Leadership

Join host Kathryn Goldman Schuyler for these video interviews as she talks with leaders whose creativity, depth, and vision bring leadership to life.

Ed ScheinExploring Leadership - A Conversation With Ed and Peter Schein

Ed Schein and Peter Schein, co-authors of Humble Leadership (2018), discuss the impetus behind their new book. Learn what it was like for this father and son team to work together as they dispense nuggets of wisdom on leadership, humility, personalization, organizational development, and the importance of storytelling.

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PAUSE for Pedagogy

Edited by Dan Jenkins and Lisa Endersby, each article adds to readers' pedagogical toolboxes and is accompanied by a video interview.

Chuck PalusEnhancing Leadership Learning and Dialogue With Visual Explorer

Chuck Palus and Dan Jenkins discuss Visual Explorer, an image-based tool that facilitates powerful conversations around facilitator-selected topics in a way that supports mutual empathetic relationships while creating learning and energy in the classroom. Be sure to watch the supplemental video interview after reading the article!

View Complete Interview Archive or explore past issues of Interface for more. View the Exploring Leadership Archive  or explore past issues of Interface for more. View the PAUSE for Pedagogy Archive  or visit past issues of Interface for more.

Newsletter Column
Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change

Each month column editor Susan J. Erenrich introduces readers to the work of artists leading grassroots movements of protest, resistance, and liberation. Columns are frequently accompanied by podcasts from Erenrich's weekly radio show Wasn't That A Time: Stories & Songs That Moved The Nation. Listen on-demand or live every Friday from 1:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern time at WERA.FM.

Swoon ProjectArtist as Activist & Leader

Anu Mitra compares and contrasts the fine art of two cultural activists — Swoon (née Caledonia Dance Curry) and Tomás Saraceno. She sheds light on how they “engage, provoke, incite, and agitate," and how, in the end, they "build jobs in communities, invoke respect among diverse groups of people, and nurture harmony in the natural order of things.” 

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